Instead of Calling Them Idols, Call Them Artists
Posted by SeraphKY on May 29th, 2012
2009.01.08그룹. 소녀시대. 홍찬일기자scblog.chosun.com/hongil7

When talking about Girls’ Generation, one of the most succinct ways to describe them would be to say, “female idol group”. But do those words truly describe them for who they are? Not in the slightest. The only accurate words in that description would be “female” and “group”. However, the context of the word “idol” […]

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Becoming a SONE: My Ride on the Soshi Express
Posted by MoonSoshi9 on April 23rd, 2012
snsd concert genie pose

They say in life it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. What you learn along the way and how you change is what is most important. In a touching message for her 22nd birthday, Sooyoung referred to being a fan of Girls’ Generation as going for a ride on the “Soshi Express”, a […]

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The Power of a Wish
Posted by FrozenArctic on March 22nd, 2012
s_뮤직뱅크_알자지라방송취재장면_2011___12___0 (2)

Some say wishes are futile. They say that a wish is a waste of time, something that is beyond our grasps, a dish feasted upon by the weak and the poor. A wish is nothing more than a farfetched idea that is manipulated inside our dreams and lived out in our imagination. It’s easy to […]

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Girls’ Generation Going Mainstream: Is it a Good Thing?
Posted by cucumberoni on February 24th, 2012
bangkok concert

There’s no denying that Girls’ Generation’s popularity has exploded over the past several years. They have set records in Korea, conducted a large-scale and incredibly successful concert tour in Japan, and made recent advances into the American market. They have reached a level of global popularity that is rare for a K-pop artist. But […]

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[Soshibusters] Soshified Myths Debunked
Posted by taengsoshi on January 29th, 2012

Soshified is closing in on its fourth year anniversary, accumulating over 200,000 members along the way. We have established ourselves as one of the largest international communities for Girls’ Generation through sheer hard work, confidence, perseverance, and a little luck. Interestingly enough, while our reputation has grown, myths have also grown along with us. There […]

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Learn from Mistakes and Embrace the Flaws: We Are Only Human
Posted by FrozenArctic on December 24th, 2011

There is no such thing as the perfect being.  It would be foolish to waste one’s time searching for perfection.  It simply doesn’t exist.  Every creature living on Earth has flaws and weaknesses.  It is a matter of how we deal with our imperfections that allows us to thrive in this world. Some call them […]

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