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Forever One: Happy 15th Anniversary, Girls’ Generation!
Posted by moonrise31 on August 5th, 2022

No matter the context, 15 years is an incredible number to reach. By then, the universe has brought about an endless cycle of unfathomable highs and stinging lows, and not a single person exists who can emerge from that completely unscathed. But for a particular group of girls on this day in 2007, the […]

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Thank You For This Destiny: Happy Anniversary, Girls’ Generation!
Posted by moonrise31 on August 5th, 2021

The concept of “fate” has been around for a long time; it weaves its way into our most treasured stories and answers the questions most of us could spend our entire lives trying to solve. We are constantly fascinated by it — this higher power that mere humans will always struggle to comprehend, but also […]

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Beyond the Stars Lies Forever: Happy Anniversary, Girls’ Generation!
Posted by moonrise31 on August 5th, 2020

​ Before technology like satellites and GPS navigation, and especially before the compass application that now comes on most smartphones, ancient sailors used astrolabes to navigate the blackest of oceans. These instruments were incredibly complex, made of material heavy enough to resist sliding along a jerking ship deck, and constructed to show location based on […]

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Update: S.M. Releases Girls’ Generation Fanlight Design
Posted by GPTX on October 9th, 2018

Update on October 9th, 2018: Additional pictures of the Girls’ Generation fanlight have been released. The fanlight will be available to purchase for Taeyeon’s “‘s…” solo concert. Original article written on October 6th, 2018: S.M. Entertainment has released a picture of Girls’ Generation’s fanlight with the caption, “Coming Soon”. Stay tuned to Soshified for further […]

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Girls’ Generation to Debut New Subunit
Posted by GPTX on August 2nd, 2018

SM Entertainment has confirmed the report that a new Girls’ Generation subunit is in the works. They are aiming to debut in the second half of this year, and work on the new song has already begun. The members of the subunit are currently unknown. Stay tuned to Soshified for further updates. Source: Naver Written […]

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‘PROMISE’: For Girls’ Generation on Their 10th Anniversary
Posted by moonrise31 on August 5th, 2017

An acronym — and a song — that describes what Girls’ Generation is to SONE. PR.OM.I.SE PRoud. Fans, of course, have been saying it for days and weeks, months and years: “as expected”, “those are our girls”, “look how far they’ve come”. Because it’s all true — and then some. Today, we still recall some […]

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