No matter the context, 15 years is an incredible number to reach. By then, the universe has brought about an endless cycle of unfathomable highs and stinging lows, and not a single person exists who can emerge from that completely unscathed. But for a particular group of girls on this day in 2007, the next 15 years would ultimately help them grow into the incredible individuals we know them as today.

They are not without their scars, of course; time is kind to no one, and life in an industry that constantly blurs the line between “perfection” and “impossible” is a cosmos away from a walk in the park. But if there’s one thing at all to celebrate, it’s that Girls’ Generation has not only made their mark on the entire world, but also shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

This year’s anniversary is an amazing reminder of all that Girls’ Generation has accomplished since they debuted. They are inspirations not only to their juniors, but to anyone who is looking for an example of what it’s like to chase a dream — and even push it until it reaches the very stars. Even to someone who doesn’t run the same circles, Girls’ Generation is an international icon. And to fans, Girls’ Generation has become something we can depend on, especially after all of these years.

Because fortunately, they are still the same. The nostalgia of today’s variety shows and comeback activities hits harder than expected because it’s as if the previous decade hasn’t already passed us by. In spite of everything, they are still the wholeheartedly funny, stunningly talented, wonderfully grounded girls we have come to love them as, confidently promising that it will continue this way far into the inconceivable future.

And that, any one of us would be happy to admit, is truly something beautiful.

Happy 15th anniversary, Girls’ Generation. This year has already been beyond SONE’s wildest expectations, and we will happily ride the wave with you even after your itch to achieve the next unimaginable thing finally settles.

So here’s to you and the insurmountable things you have accomplished, and to all of the impossibles yet to come.

Sources: Sunny’s Instagram, Heavenly Forest, Hyoyeon’s Instagram, Sooyoung’s Instagram
Written by: moonrise31@soshified