An acronym — and a song — that describes what Girls’ Generation is to SONE.


PRoud. Fans, of course, have been saying it for days and weeks, months and years: “as expected”, “those are our girls”, “look how far they’ve come”. Because it’s all true — and then some.

Today, we still recall some muggy summer afternoon, average in every way except for that it’s in the year 2007, and some group of girls hoping to make it big has just been filmed moving into their dormitory. And we can imagine the hours that rolled by even after the cameras turned off: beyond the happy murmurs floating through the space they can finally call their own, above the balloons still bumping softly against the ceiling like dreams waiting to be realized, is a time that can’t ever be described on the face of a clock.

(Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation.)

And oh, how far they’ve gone.

Regardless of fandom, it’s indisputable that this group has defined “legendary”. They’ve weathered whirlwinds and battled through oceans to sweep the nation by their own storm; even the rest of the world is not entirely out of their reach. At this pace, it’s rather difficult to tell where they’ll be in another decade from now — perhaps the better question is, where won’t they be? But one thing is for certain: member and fan alike will look back upon the journey fondly, back to airplanes and painting and dancing on asphalt steps, and know that we wouldn’t have it any other way.


OMnipresent. Albums, solo debuts, concerts and tours consistently outside of South Korea. Radio, dramas, musicals, more advertisement deals than anyone could shake ten sticks at. They’ve become a household name, recognized by people of all ages and nationalities. Without a doubt, Girls’ Generation is at the top: today, tomorrow, the day after.

(In the future, it’s Girls’ Generation.)

Of course, Hallyu is nothing if not fickle, but to turn the tide against this pink-tinged phenomenon would be quite the feat. Even as a new generation of girl groups swoops in to scramble their way up that familiar road, Girls’ Generation remains the role model, the idol to idols. They will remain untouched even as they slowly begin to step out of the spotlight, making way for stars shining just as brightly as they have been since years ago; because there can only be one Girls’ Generation, and they will never truly be forgotten.

ot8 smtown

Incredible. No one can get this far without the talent and, most importantly, the mindset. Because skills can be learned and experience can be gained, but the time it takes for either to happen wouldn’t be possible if there hadn’t been someone, something, providing that persistent reminder: “I can do it! You can do it! We can do it!”

It’s more than just a phrase shouted over the Han river one Seoul evening, or the easy smiles and occasional small discontent played up for the television screen. It speaks of late nights, pent up tension breaking under the stress of “what if I can’t?”

It’s the constant pull of hands, individually just as weak as any of the others, but joined together to create something so much stronger.

It’s tears spilled onto comforting shoulders, heads ducked in a huddle on the first stage where they could stand and say that yes, they finally did do it: the beginning of a legend.

(Forever, it’s Girls’ Generation.)

ot8 from the back

SElfless. For SONE, having a special place in our hearts for Girls’ Generation is a common thing. But for them to cherish us just as much is perhaps a rarer case.

Celebrities around the world, of course, are often quick to profess that they are nothing without their fans. But Girls’ Generation members have shown time and time again that they are so, so thankful for each one of us. Even after ten years, they talk to us like they debuted only a month ago. They remind us to take care of ourselves in cold weather, exchange movie suggestions on Instagram, manage to remember faces even among the sea of thousands they’ve come across.

After a decade, Girls’ Generation remains the Girls’ Generation they were even before “right now, in the future, forever”. They are still those kids with dream-filled balloons, simply enjoying each other’s company in some cozy room, because there’s no better way to spend an otherwise quiet evening. Maybe now, they also talk about how far they’ve come, or when the next member will be out of the country — a new reality they hadn’t dared imagine before. And they might remind each other that it’s okay to still experience difficulties in this ever-shifting industry they’ve decided to build their lives around; they can always make it through to the brighter side, and always for the fans.

Meanwhile we, as SONE, would be delighted with just one promise: that this anniversary will be fond and happy, as full of warmth as the first August 5th that started a very special clock.

(And we also hope that it will always be Girls’ Generation, even after forever has gone.)

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Sources: haljung, Sooyoung’s Instagram, SMTOWN Facebook
Written by: moonrise31@soshified