Some say wishes are futile. They say that a wish is a waste of time, something that is beyond our grasps, a dish feasted upon by the weak and the poor. A wish is nothing more than a farfetched idea that is manipulated inside our dreams and lived out in our imagination. It’s easy to believe this when life catches up and swamps us with an unbearable workload of troubles, stress and sleepless nights. Sometimes, when the worst storms hits, a wish is all a person has left. It’s that tiny glimmer of hope that forces them to hold on and persevere, no matter how unfavorable the odds may seem.

It all started out almost five years ago when nine girls were assembled to accomplish the impossible. It all started out with nothing more than a whisper of a wish, a miniscule desire to chase after their dream. For the sake of this dream, nine girls sacrificed their childhood. For the sake of this dream, they drowned themselves in sweat and tears despite knowing that they might not even make it. All this for a dream that nine girls wished to realize, and through this seed of determination they were ready to surmount any obstacles in their way. They practiced for hours on end, mastering their steps for “Into the New World”, synchronizing everything but their very heartbeats. It was the power of a wish that bonded them together.

On the day they were given a chance to perform, their lives and careers were strung through a thin thread of hope. The tiniest slip-up from even one member could prove costly for the entire group. At that moment, there was no area shaded grey. It was hit or miss, pass or fail, and the simplicity of it all was what they feared the most. Yet they all stood together. Some held hands while others fidgeted nervously. The crowd couldn’t have possibly known, but their heartbeats were erratic, all signs of nervousness masked beneath a smile. At this moment, nine girls knew this was the turning point of their lives, but to make up for everything they had given up, determination flared in their eyes. This is what they wanted. It was the power of a wish that pulled them through.

2012 marks Girls’ Generation’s fifth anniversary, and based on math and probability, this is supposed to be the last year for an idol group. Under normal circumstances, idol groups only last for four or five years, right? That’s what people have told me. However, they have also told me that Girls’ Generation has the power to achieve the impossible and that they can reach heights that no one thought possible. Each and every girl has an unrivaled passion to sing and dance, and to perform on stage while witnessing a sea of screaming fans. Although it may seem like a common reoccurrence now, Girls’ Generation never takes anything for granted. This is why they are constantly pushing themselves and improving on even the most insignificant of details. They are nine girls who share the same wish, and over the course of nearly five years, it is their constant desire to realize this wish over and over again that draws them closer together. This is the reason why we, as fans, will always be supporting them in any given situation. Despite their underniable worldwide popularity, Girls’ Generation doesn’t take their wish for granted. They also don’t take us, their SONEs, for granted. To them, all that they have right now is a wish that could disappear at any given moment. It was the power of a wish that inspired perseverance.

Fans are undoubtedly any idol’s supporting pillars. Upon winning the 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards in 2010, Tiffany said that Girls’ Generation would be nothing without the fans. Without the fans, Girls’ Generation would have never existed, and these nine girls thoroughly understand this concept. After every win on a music station, Girls’ Generation thanked their fans. After every award that is passed into their hands, these nine girls are waving at the crowd and showing their genuine gratitude through playful interactions and infectious smiles. Seeing them yell out “I love you” and manufacturing hearts over their heads make us realize that this fandom is precious, and our love for each other is reciprocated. In return, these nine girls cannot help but shed tears of overwhelming happiness as they perform with every ounce of energy they have. They have no better way of saying “thank you”. Believe me, if it were humanly possible, Girls’ Generation would meet every single SONE in the world, but realistically, that simply isn’t an option. Instead, these girls use aching muscles and sleepless hours to prove to us over and over again that they’re happy to have us, and that they are grateful for all that SONEs have done over the course of their entire journey. Yes, they are tired, but they are also undeniably happy. It was through the power of a wish that gave them reason.

We are all part of the power of this wish, a wish shared by nine girls. Whether it’s listening to their songs, buying a CD or even just sharing one of their music videos on YouTube, we are the backbone of Girls’ Generation. The color pink has illuminated countless stadiums, and our screams became explosions in the air. Through unwavering love and dedication, each and every single person who has supported Girls’ Generation in one way or another has become a symbol of their wish. We have become the SONEs of Girls’ Generation. This is why the fandom thrives. It is through the power of a wish that pop culture could witness one of the most amazing groups to have ever toured the world.

No dream is ever too grand, as long as we have the power to wish for it and shape it into reality.


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