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The Power of a Wish
Posted by FrozenArctic on March 22nd, 2012

Some say wishes are futile. They say that a wish is a waste of time, something that is beyond our grasps, a dish feasted upon by the weak and the poor. A wish is nothing more than a farfetched idea that is manipulated inside our dreams and lived out in our imagination. It’s easy to […]

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Singapore SONEs Donate Blood in the Name of Girls’ Generation
Posted by LetsGo on November 27th, 2011

Singaporean SONEs gathered together on the 26th of November to donate blood under the name of Girls’ Generation. This event was organized by a few Singaporean SONEs, and took months of careful preparation before the event could take flight. They also used Soshified as the means of communication between the Singaporean SONEs who were interested. […]

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