Soshified is closing in on its fourth year anniversary, accumulating over 200,000 members along the way. We have established ourselves as one of the largest international communities for Girls’ Generation through sheer hard work, confidence, perseverance, and a little luck. Interestingly enough, while our reputation has grown, myths have also grown along with us.

There are some common misconceptions about Soshified that are floating around, some of which are understandable, and some of which are quite amusing, to say the least. From the silly “Soy’s real name is Soy” to “Soshified works under SM Entertainment”, we have encountered a wide range of beliefs that have been misinterpreted from simple misunderstandings. Distinction between fact and myth blurred by rumors, trivial details distorted by popular gossip, whatever the reasons may be, they have added to some of the mystery behind who we are and what we do. This will hopefully set things straight with the cloud of uncertainty that encircles Soshified, so let’s dive into some of the prevailing myths that have tempted your imagination.

Myth: Soshified stands for “SoShi + Satisfied”.
Fact: Soshified does not stand for “SoShi + Satisified”. This has been one of those pesky beliefs that have notoriously appeared in several Korean news articles time and time again. We want to clear things once and for all that this is not what it stands for. The suffix “-fied” is added to alter the word “SoShi” into a verb. Instead of it being a name, it becomes “an act of”. To become “Soshified” simply means to have become a SoShi fan. So, if we hear or see anyone say “SoShi + Satisfied”, we will come after you!

Myth: Soy’s real name is Soy.
Fact: Of course it is… No, it’s really not. In the June 2011 Part 2 column of Soshified Spotlight, Soy answered several questions about herself including what her first name is, which is Oanh. It’s really no secret, so please don’t think something is being revealed that shouldn’t be! Apart from all of her SoShi goodies and merchandises that are packed into a very pink room, her Soshified username is well known among the Girls’ Generation public, so it comes as no surprise that people believe that Soy is her first name.

Myth: Soshified Stylists are Girls’ Generation’s personal stylists.
Fact: Soshified Stylists spot Girls’ Generation’s clothing, accessories and make-up by looking over photos and videos, and identify the brands and specific items they wear. They present hair and make-up tutorials that instruct SONEs on how to style themselves like Girls’ Generation. So, you know those messages that you send to Soshified Stylists that praise or complain over their choice of outfits they chose to dress Girls’ Generation in? There’s no need to send them! They are not their personal stylists.

Myth: Soshified Spotlight features only staff members, and The Cucumber reports actual news.

Fact: Many comments have been made that Soshified Spotlight is geared towards just staff members. However, the column features both regular Soshified members and Soshified staff members every month. We love everyone just the same. For The Cucumber, it does not report actual news and is just for pure laughs. It is not something meant to be taken seriously, so just sit back and enjoy, and please don’t think that Yoona really lives in a pot. Yes, we’ve seen those comments…

Myth: All Soshified staff members are Korean and can speak the Korean language.
Fact: Many of us are not Korean and cannot speak the language, though a lot of staff members do attempt to learn it. While Soshified Korean Subbers have a requirement to know the Korean language, it is not necessary to run parts of the site.

Myth: Soshified staff members are paid.
Fact: Nope, this isn’t true. Staff members are not paid. There’s an assumption that Soshified profits out of the donations that are made; however, Soshified receives just enough, and only just, to keep the site running. However, since there has been an influx of SoShi goods, being paid would be nice. We accept extra donations by the way. No, we’re just kidding!

Myth: Staff members work on Soshified matters 24/7.
Fact: Contrary to popular belief, staff members do many things outside of Soshified to keep their personal lives productive and a little entertaining. For instance, many staff members have jobs and are in school, and some even do both. Some have picked up gaming as a hobby, whether it’s fruit slicing, zombie shooting, or ones that draw interesting rambles from the frozen arctic. We have family, friends, and parties to attend too! In short, we volunteer our time and effort to provide SONEs with quality subs and pictures, fan events, support bundles, and the best up-to-date information on Girls’ Generation.

Myth: Girls’ Generation members answer questions on Ask Oppa/Unnie and host Soshified radio shows.
Fact: Wouldn’t this be nice? When the two features of Soshified first began, some actually questioned and believed that Girls’ Generation themselves were involved in them. It is possible that assumptions were made over the excitement over something new and intriguing. But just in case there is still any confusion left over, they are run by our very own Soshified staff members.

Myth: Soshified works under SM Entertainment.
Fact: Soshified doesn’t work under SM Entertainment. We are, after all, just a forum run by fans. However, since Soshified’s popularity has grown immensely, SM has taken notice and collaborations have been made in the past for a few events. Soshified is not officially affiliated with them in any way.

Myth: Soshified has direct contact with Girls’ Generation.
Fact: People have a notion in their minds that Soshified has access to Girls’ Generation’s personal contact information. While the site does get occasional surprise visits from the girls, Soshified doesn’t have the ability to contact them directly. Soshified doesn’t have control over their schedules, which means we can’t request for them to come to a specific country to hold a concert or an event. So sadly, sleep-over parties are out of the question.

We hope that we have clarified some of the aforementioned beliefs for you. Things can look a certain way, but remember, looks can be deceiving. An assumption made on a whim may be an easier alternative, but careful reading, common sense, and a little thought could dispel many of these myths.

While some of what we do has to remain confidential, it is necessary, so that we can bring you the best Girls’ Generation-related content. Of course, many myths start from a small amount of truth. If you think about it, myths are somewhat of a paradox, fabrications born out of reality, and masking this truth are a lot of false perceptions.

Are there any myths that we’ve missed? What are some other popular beliefs about Soshified do you think there are?

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