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Sooyoung Tweets Thank You to Fans on Her Birthday

On her birthday, Sooyoung posted a photo on her Twitter account. The caption of the picture, which features herself posing with an Instagram frame cutout, thanks fans for sending her well wishes on her special day.

Tiffany’s Facebook Page Posts New Photo from “Born Again”

Tiffany recently uploaded another “Born Again” picture onto her Facebook page. She also linked a recent article from “The Hollywood Reporter“, which discusses her solo debut in the U.S., the struggles many K-Pop idiols face, and her latest comeback.

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 2/08: Yuri Departs Incheon International Airport for Macau – Fantaken and Press Photos

• 2/10: Seohyun Departs Gimpo International Airport for Japan – Fantaken Photos

• 2/10: Yuri Departs Macau International Airport for Bangkok – Fantaken Photos

• 2/10: Seohyun Arrives at Kansai International Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 2/10: Yuri Arrives at Suvarnabhumi Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 2/11: Yuri Departs Suvarnabhumi Airport for Seoul – Fantaken Photos

• 2/11: Yuri Arrives at Incheon International Airport – Fantaken Photos


• 2/07: Jessica Attends Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2019 Event – Press Photos

• 2/09: Yoona Attends “Hyundai Department Store Duty Free” 100th Day Anniversary Event – Fantaken and Press Photos

• 2/09: Yuri Holds “INTO YURI” Fan Meeting in Macau – Backstage Photos, Polaroid

• 2/09: Jessica Attends Christina Siriano Event at “New York Fashion Week 2019” – Press Photos

• 2/10: Yuri Holds “INTO YURI” Fan Meeting in Bangkok – Fantaken Photos, Official Photos

• 2/10: Hyoyeon DJs at Club BIJOU for “Japan Club Tour 2019” – Fantaken Photos

• 2/11: Yuri Attends “L’etudiante et M.Henri” Script Reading – Official Photos

New Sets of Pictures

“BBOBBO BEAR” – Seohyun (1)

Calvin Klein – Jessica (1)

“Hyundai Department Store Duty Free” – Yoona (1)

“Hyundai Insurance” – Taeyeon (1)

innisfree – Yoona (1)

“The Kyunghyang Shinmun” – Hyoyeon (1)

Girls’ Generation on Social Media

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Sources: Sooyoung’s Official Twitter, “The Hollywood Reporter”
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