On September 27th, Yuri revealed her Weibo account through an Instagram post. Yuri uploaded a photo onto her Instagram that gave a link to her Weibo, with a caption written in Chinese characters reading, “Hello everyone I am Kwon Yuri. I have opened a Weibo account. I am very happy to meet you all through this. I hope you all take care of yourselves”. The Korean text afterwards says, “Started Weibo. Follow follow me”.

Yuri is the third Girls’ Generation member to join the Chinese microblogging platform, after Jessica and Sooyoung. Her account currently has two pictures, both with captions in Chinese.

Yuri’s photos on both her Instagram and Weibo accounts are shown in the slider below.


[nivoslider id=”67646″]


[nivoslider id=”52625″]


[nivoslider id=”40935″]

Sources: Yuri’s Weibo, Yuri’s Instagram
Written by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: moonrise31@soshified

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