Update: Sooyoung’s Instagram account is now @hotsootuff.

Original article from February 16th, 2014:

Sooyoung joined both Instagram and Weibo on the day of the girls’ “Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace” stop in Macau on February 15th. Hyoyeon posted a picture on her own Instagram informing her followers of Sooyoung’s new Instagram account, saying, “This is Insta beginner Sooyoungggggggg welcome welcome”.

hyoyeon sooyoung instagram
Sooyoung’s caption for her first post on Instagram says, “Woody is on top of the cupcake. It’s really cute *_*”. Later, she commented on her own photo several times: “Is this how I do it?”, “Yuri, Hyoyeon”, “Can you see my picture????”, and “Hold on, I will be back from performing”. She even commented on one of Yuri’s photos, saying, “Hi Yuri-ya, I’m Syoung”. Sooyoung also uploaded the same picture onto her Weibo account with the message, “Hello Macao ;) Thank you for our cupcakes”.

Sooyoung is the seventh Girls’ Generation member to join a social media site. Her translated updates and photos for both Instagram and Weibo will be uploaded in the slider below.


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Sources: Sooyoung’s Instagram, Sooyoung’s Weibo, SNSDTV
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