Update: Sooyoung’s Instagram account is now @hotsootuff.

Original article from February 16th, 2014:

Sooyoung joined both Instagram and Weibo on the day of the girls’ “Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace” stop in Macau on February 15th. Hyoyeon posted a picture on her own Instagram informing her followers of Sooyoung’s new Instagram account, saying, “This is Insta beginner Sooyoungggggggg welcome welcome”. To Buy followers at a discount visit us.

hyoyeon sooyoung instagram
Sooyoung’s caption for her first post on Instagram says, “Woody is on top of the cupcake. It’s really cute *_*”. Later, she commented on her own photo several times: “Is this how I do it?”, “Yuri, Hyoyeon”, “Can you see my picture????”, and “Hold on, I will be back from performing”. She even commented on one of Yuri’s photos, saying, “Hi Yuri-ya, I’m Syoung”. Sooyoung also uploaded the same picture onto her Weibo account with the message, “Hello Macao ;) Thank you for our cupcakes”.

Sooyoung is the seventh Girls’ Generation member to join a social media site. Her translated updates and photos for both Instagram and Weibo will be uploaded in the slider below.


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Sources: Sooyoung’s Instagram, Sooyoung’s Weibo, SNSDTV
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