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Update: Tiffany Releases ‘Teach You’ Music Video
Posted by GPTX on September 28th, 2018

Update on September 28th, 2018: Tiffany has released the music video for her new single “Teach You.” Check out the video below. Update on September 23rd, 2018: Tiffany has released a second teaser for her “Teach You” music video titled, “Did He Cheat?” Check out the video below. Update on September 17th, 2018: Tiffany has […]

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‘So Only Love Will Grow and Bloom’: For Sooyoung on Her 29th Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on February 10th, 2018
sooyoung is soo amazing

Since debut, Sooyoung has always been the sharp one. Quick-witted, but knowing exactly when to take a step back and let others shine, too. Ever ready to tease her members for the sake of the camera, but always careful to never cross over into truly mean-spirited waters. In short: she can fill a stage as […]

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Girls’ Generation Releases Clean Version of ‘All Night’ Music Video
Posted by kt9823 on August 3rd, 2017

Update on August 5th, 2017: The clean version of the “All Night” music video has been released. Be sure to watch it below. Girls’ Generation’s “Holiday Night” album is available for streaming and purchase through various international music portals. Update on August 5th, 2017: The music video for “Holiday” and the documentary version of the […]

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‘(How Great is Your) LOVE’: For Sooyoung on Her 28th Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on February 10th, 2017
sooyoung your eyes

(A song — and an acronym — that describes what Choi Sooyoung is to SONE.) L.O.V.E. Loyal. Her recent appearance on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” says it all: when someone tells her that she shouldn’t promote Girls’ Generation first and should instead introduce herself as just “Sooyoung”, she immediately replied, “I need to add ‘Girls’ […]

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Seohyun Performs ‘Lonely Love’ and ‘Don’t Say No’ on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’
Posted by kt9823 on January 22nd, 2017

Seohyun ended her solo debut week by performing “Lonely Love” and “Don’t Say No” on SBS’s “Inkigayo” on January 22nd. Over the past few days, Seohyun attended Mnet’s “M Countdown“, KBS’s “Music Bank“, and MBC’s “Show! Music Core” as well. During the show, Sooyoung posted the photo seen above, with a translated caption reading, “Surprised […]

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Update: Sooyoung Launches Contest for ‘Beaming Effect’
Posted by moonrise31 on December 21st, 2016

Update on December 21st, 2016: Sooyoung has announced a contest for “Beaming Effect” through her Instagram. The contest calls for fan art entries that can be used to make a poster for the “2017 Beaming Effect” charity concert. In her post, Sooyoung gives the following guidelines: 1) Please draw

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