(A song — and an acronym — that describes what Choi Sooyoung is to SONE.)


Loyal. Her recent appearance on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” says it all: when someone tells her that she shouldn’t promote Girls’ Generation first and should instead introduce herself as just “Sooyoung”, she immediately replied, “I need to add ‘Girls’ Generation’.” A simple declarative — packed with over a decade of meaning.

To Sooyoung, “Girls’ Generation” is more than just a name, more than just a group of girls who have managed to make it big. This single phrase speaks not only of accolades and a global spotlight, but also of that bunch of young kids years ago having to learn just how hard it can be to grow up. Sooyoung stays true to the Girls’ Generation that existed even before August 2007. And that steadfastness is an essential part of the stitching that keeps their sails intact as they aim, once more, for what lies beyond.

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Outrageous. Sooyoung’s wit and spontaneity definitely make her the life of the party. She might not be the first member most fans think of when considering the craziest of Girls’ Generation, but it’s easy for the others to play off of her energy, and her humor and comedic timing are hard to beat. Remember her fiery aegyo, now matured into one part of a dangerous trifecta with Sunny’s and Yoona’s? How about the time the entire group guested on “Running Man” and she begged SHINee’s Minho to let her go simply because they share the same last name? Sooyoung definitely knows how to entertain, how to push at boundaries in a way that’s still fun and lighthearted, and that’s the kind of excitement that anyone can enjoy, whatever the context.

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Vocal. Sooyoung is definitely among the more outgoing members, so of course she talks a lot. But more importantly, she says what she thinks, and she means what she says. Her unhindered straightforwardness is hard to come by, and perhaps easily overlooked even in all of its bluntness.

This, however, doesn’t mean that she’s careless with her honesty; consider the lyrics she writes so well. Although something is inevitably lost or morphed during translation, as her songs and Girls’ Generation’s songs filter into headphones across countries and oceans (and even into the theme behind this essay), no amount of muddling can fully obscure the eloquence that flows with a simple flourish of her pen: she’s an artist who paints with words.

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Everyone. Sooyoung’s heart is probably something akin to the universe: unimaginably large and infinitely expanding. From her “Beaming Effect” campaign in support of her father’s search for a retinitis pigmentosa cure, to her cheerful waving at fans gathered in the streets day after tireless day, Sooyoung throws her arms open wide and somehow manages to embrace us all. It’s not the easiest way to live, sure, but she doesn’t care this much because it’s the simple thing to do.

There really isn’t anything we could possibly come up with to even begin to return the favor, but please accept this, at the very least: from the bottom of our hearts to yours that has no end, have a wonderful birthday, Sooyoung. The years may come and go, but as you continue to welcome each new day with that impossibly warm smile, it will be as if time is a thing of the past.

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Sources: [email protected], Sooyoung’s Instagram, Withsosi
Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally posted on February 10th, 2017.