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Fourteen years is a long time. And as Girls’ Generation closes in on their 15th anniversary, many fans might find themselves in an odd balance of feeling a little bit like Girls’ Generation has been around since forever ago, and a little bit like Girls’ Generation has practically disappeared since forever ago. Because as much as Girls’ Generation is one entity, it’s still a group of individuals, each with her own likes and dislikes, her own interests and dreams. And so it’s natural to drift away from the center of it all, though even the farthest wanderers will always find their way back home.

This, of course, is the risk with trying something new. Sooyoung, in particular, took a chance when she decided to leave the company and pursue her career in a slightly different direction. The move may have been unexpected for some: a flash in the otherwise faded backdrop of familiarity. And yet others took it in stride, viewing it as an inevitability — considering what we know of Sooyoung’s ambitions and talents and just how far she is willing to go.

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Sooyoung has always been a vibrant personality, with or without her members. She’s not afraid to stand out, whether it’s with a something as simple as a new hairstyle, or a quick-witted comment that might even have the show hosts reeling. She commands the stage with the best and leads with a steady assertiveness that can’t be ignored, and is even respected.

But just as evident is how she fills those around her with warmth: a quiet hand on a shaking shoulder, or her teasing smile after an affectionate joke. She’s more than ready with a comforting word should the need arise, and would rather get hurt than harm others herself. She uses her public prominence to speak up for the causes she believes in, while never forgetting a single fan or coworker or member — sisters in every sense except by blood — who helped her come so far in the first place.

Sooyoung shines not because she is loud and present, but because she catches the eye without meaning to. Because yes, she knows how to call attention, how to make the tough decisions and rally the entire community. But it’s also what she does during the more mundane course of daily life, and the principles she lives by even if she doesn’t impress them upon other people, that make her as radiant as any star.

It might seem impossible to be both a glaring ray of sun as well as the softer glow of some faraway galaxy, but Sooyoung proves otherwise. She shows that even though being loud will surely turn heads, it’s the actions behind the shouts that truly move and inspire, and lead us towards something better.

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Every road is rocky and paved with misgivings and the unknown, regardless of what path in life we choose to walk. And Sooyoung has thrown herself into the middle of a journey that is thornier than most; she will definitely get pricked time and time again. But just as the summer brilliance of a full bloom wilts under the first breath of winter, she remembers that the more important things are waiting in the budding spring days ahead.

Happy birthday, Sooyoung. Rest assured that your warmth has touched hundreds of thousands around the world, and that it’s a flame that will continue burning for a long time yet.


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Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally posted on February 10th, 2019.