Update on August 5th, 2017:

The clean version of the “All Night” music video has been released. Be sure to watch it below.

Girls’ Generation’s “Holiday Night” album is available for streaming and purchase through various international music portals.

Update on August 5th, 2017:

The music video for “Holiday” and the documentary version of the “All Night” video have been released. The “Holiday Night” album is now available for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Update on August 4th, 2017:

On August 4th, the teaser for Girls’ Generation’s second title song, “All Night”, was revealed. The latest teaser photos, including a tracklist, can also be found in the updated slider below.

The “Holiday Night” album will be available to download later today at 6:00 PM KST. Stay tuned to Soshified for more updates on Girls’ Generation’s tenth anniversary comeback.

Update on August 3rd, 2017:

Earlier this afternoon, Girls’ Generation’s teaser for “Holiday”, one of the two title tracks off of the “Holiday Night” album, was unveiled. It was also revealed that Seohyun took part in writing the lyrics for “Holiday”.

The teaser for “All Night”, the second of the two title tracks, will be uploaded at the end of the day at 12:00 AM KST. Girls’ Generation’s sixth full length album, “Holiday Night”, will be available digitally on August 4th at 6:00 PM KST.

Update on August 3rd, 2017:

Last night, the final individual member teasers featuring Sunny were released via Girls’ Generation’s official website. Sunny’s clip was uploaded on channel two, while on channel fourteen, a preview for “FAN” was revealed.

In Sunny’s video, her commentary translates to, “If we were to go back, we might think of how we can be more safe or more fun but I don’t think we would change anything. We were able to run all the way here up to now because we enjoyed what we are doing. I remember all of the first stages. They were all frantic & at first, we were nervous and there were many moments like that.” Sunny’s individual photos are also in the updated slider below.

Update on August 2nd, 2017:

On August 2nd, Taeyeon’s teasers for “Holiday Night” were revealed via Girls’ Generation’s official website through channel one. Her commentary in the video translates to, “To me, Girls’ Generation is like a country. It’s a process of discovering what I can do best. Within Girls’ Generation, I’ve been able to do diverse things. Everyone eventually goes back to their home, and their hometown, so I hope members are home-like. I hope that Girls’ Generation can be a [home-like] existence to [each member of] Girls’ Generation.”

A short preview of “Girls Are Back” was also uploaded on Girls’ Generation’s official website and can be heard here as well. Taeyeon’s individual pictures with translated captions can also be found in the updated slider below. Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will hold a special “Girls’ Generation’s LieV” on S.M. Entertainment’s V application channel on August 7th at 11:00 PM KST.

Update on August 1st, 2017:

Last night, the sixth set of teasers for “Holiday Night” starring Seohyun was unveiled through Girls’ Generation’s official website on channel eight. In the clip, Seohyun’s commentary translated means, “I really think maknae receives a lot of love. They tell me, ‘You’re Girls’ Generation’s pride’. I’m Girls’ Generation’s one and only maknae. It makes me think I’m a person who represents Girls’ Generation. Everyone has a different form of expression, but their hearts are the same. That they’re on my side. I’m glad I was born. I’m glad I was born as Girls’ Generation.”

Seohyun’s teaser photos with accompanying translated captions can be found in the updated slider below. Meanwhile on channel thirteen, a preview for “Sweet Talk” was also uploaded and can be listened at this direct link as well. Tune in to Girls’ Generation’s V Live channel tonight at 8:00 PM KST for a special birthday party the members are throwing for Tiffany.

Update on July 31st, 2017:

On July 31st, Sooyoung’s individual teasers for Girls’ Generation’s tenth anniversary comeback album, “Holiday Night”, were unveiled. The clip can be watched on channel six through Girls’ Generation’s official website or below. In the video, Sooyoung’s voice-over translates to, “I have memories and I’ve done everything that I didn’t think I’d be able to do. In ten years, I hope I’m an aromatic person. Girls’ Generation are superstars, but I’m unsure if I’m a superstar. When we talk about Girls’ Generation, it feels like we’re talking about someone else.”

Sooyoung’s comeback photos are also available in the updated slider below. Once again, a preview of one of the new songs off the upcoming album was uploaded on Girls’ Generation’s official website. “Love Is Bitter” can be found on channel seventeen or by clicking here. Girls’ Generation will hold its first comeback stage on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on August 10th.

Update on July 30th, 2017:

The fourth teaser, featuring Hyoyeon, for Girls’ Generation’s “Holiday Night” was recently released last night. The clip can be seen below, or via Girls’ Generation’s official website on channel four. A short preview of another song off the comeback album was also uploaded on channel eleven through Girls’ Generation’s official website. That song, “One Last Time”, can be partially heard here as well.

Hyoyeon’s commentary in her video translates to, “I think time really went by fast. Watching the stages we’ve done, we really did a lot of performances. I think the way I did my solo stages after ten years of doing it with Girls’ Generation was really different. I think it’s clear that I am here because of Girls’ Generation. I think I had the confidence that we can show our own color. In the past, I tried to be positive on purpose. But now, I think I’m really happy.” Hyoyeon’s individual teaser pictures with accompanying English translations are also in the updated slider below.

Update on July 29th, 2017:

On July 29th, the third teaser for “Holiday Night”, starring Yuri, was revealed on Girls’ Generation’s official website by selecting channel five. A preview for “It’s You” was also uploaded on channel sixteen or can be found here. Teaser photos were also released and updated in the slider below with English translations.

In Yuri’s video, she provided voice-over to go along with past and present footage. Her commentary translates to, “I tend to ask myself often, if I’m doing well. I didn’t know it well at that time. How to appear even more pure. How should I explain it? Thump, thump, thump, thump. It was overwhelming. I think it’s fun and exciting.”

Update on July 28th, 2017:

Following the release of the first individual teaser featuring Yoona for the “Holiday Night”, Girls’ Generation has recently unveiled Tiffany’s clip and photos. It was also revealed all of the songs will be released digitally on August 4th at 6:00 PM KST, while the physical album will be available on August 7th.

Check out the teaser below or by selecting channel three on Girls’ Generation’s official website, which once again includes voice-over from Tiffany. Her commentary translated to English: “Holding on this dream, I came to Korea in three weeks. Debut day is close to my birthday so it was a moment my dream come true. It was dream-like day. To me, Girls’ Generation is comfort. Words I want to hear or say are: never change. There’s something pure about that.” Her “Holiday Night” pictures are also available, with some English translations available as well. Finally, a preview of another song featured on the album was also uploaded. Viewers can play “Light Up the Sky” by choosing channel nine on Girls’ Generation’s official website or visiting here.

Original article from July 27th, 2017:

On July 26th, Girls’ Generation released the first teaser for “Holiday Night”, the group’s upcoming sixth album. The comeback will feature two title songs; “All Night” and “Holiday”. The clip that was revealed featured Yoona’s past and present footage along with her voice-over. Yoona’s commentary translates to, “It’s fulfilling a dream. I thought it’d be hard but it’s not that hard. When I promote as Girls’ Generation, a different energy comes out. When I was happiest? I met members called Girls’ Generation so I have many good memories and I’ve spent my time well.”

The video was revealed online via Girls’ Generation’s official website by creatively being posted on a television screen and playing when the viewer selects channel seven. Choosing channel twelve plays a short snippet from “Only One”, a song on Girls’ Generation’s upcoming sixth album. Hitting channel nineteen and twenty reveal screens of “Holiday Night” and “Girls’ Generation” in neon text respectively. The short preview of “Only One” can also be found here.

A number of different comeback pictures of Yoona were also uploaded on Girls’ Generation’s official website and below. Stayed tuned to Soshified for more updates regarding Girls’ Generation’s upcoming “Holiday Night” comeback on August 7th and tenth anniversary.

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