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I’mma Fire It Up (‘Til We Reach the Sky): Happy Birthday, Hyoyeon!
Posted by moonrise31 on September 22nd, 2021

In any group of people, individuals fall into roles as naturally as we sort idols into “lead rappers” and “main visuals”. There are always those who lead and those who follow, those who lend a sense of calm and those who make the mood. And in a group under circumstances as high-pressure and emotionally intense […]

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‘GET UP’: Happy Birthday, Hyoyeon!
Posted by moonrise31 on September 22nd, 2020

An acronym that describes what Kim Hyoyeon is to SONE. G.E.T. U.P. Genuine. In a business that’s built on manufactured images and hiding behind layers upon layers, it’s common knowledge that most of the time, we’re only shown whatever has been chosen for us to see. And yet, Hyoyeon seems to pay little attention to […]

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The Weekly Soshi News Wrap
Posted by moonrise31 on October 1st, 2018

Forbes Publishes Article on Girls’ Generation On September 29th, Forbes revealed an article titled, “Girls’ Generation Are Growing Into Their Own In 2018“. The piece summarizes the solo activities done by the members so far this year, from Seohyun’s collaboration with the North Korean Orchestra to the recent release of Tiffany’s latest single and music […]

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Update: Tiffany Releases ‘Teach You’ Music Video
Posted by GPTX on September 28th, 2018

Update on September 28th, 2018: Tiffany has released the music video for her new single “Teach You.” Check out the video below. Update on September 23rd, 2018: Tiffany has released a second teaser for her “Teach You” music video titled, “Did He Cheat?” Check out the video below. Update on September 17th, 2018: Tiffany has […]

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‘Until the End’: For Hyoyeon on Her 30th Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on September 22nd, 2018

In a world where success depends on something as finicky as public opinion, very few are able to strike the balance between toeing the line of social convention while also remaining true to the colors they want to show off to their audience — an audience who may have stopped by on a whim, ready […]

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Update: Hyoyeon Reveals ‘Sober’ Music Video
Posted by moonrise31 on April 12th, 2018

Update on April 19th, 2018: Last night, the music video for Hyoyeon’s “Sober” was revealed on S.M. Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Check out the music video below. The single is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Melon, genie, and Naver Music. Update on April 13th, 2018: After Hyoyeon unveiled her new Twitter account and teaser for her […]

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