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Update on September 17th, 2018:

Tiffany has released a teaser for her “Teach You” music video titled, “Why Did You Do It?”

In her interview with Celeb Mix, Tiffany describes the song to be “…about noticing the wrong signs in a relationship and letting the ladies know it’s okay to stand up for yourself. ‘If you mess with me you’ll get hurt’, that lyric embodies the song as a whole. It’s a fun song with a deeper meaning; don’t be pushed around, don’t be fooled, you should know better as a woman to teach a man that he needs to treat you right!”

Check out the video below.

Original article written on September 16th, 2018:

Tiffany’s new single “Teach You,” releasing 12 AM EST (1 PM KST) on September 28th, will feature Hyoyeon and Sooyoung as cameos in the music video. “Teach You” will also be featured in H&M’s “Autumn 2018 Divided Music” campaign.

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