In celebration of Sooyoung’s 24th birthday on February 10th, fans wished her a happy birthday through an advertisement in the daily newspaper. Im, a fan who planned the ad, stated, “There is a Japan concert planned on the 10th, the day of her birthday, but I hope they will let her show a great performance after eating tasty Lunar New Year’s rice cake soup.” He complimented her by adding, “Sooyoung is high and clear like the blue sky, so you feel fresh and cheerful just by looking at her.”

There is also a poem in the birthday dedication, which reads:

“Your beautiful and kind eyes
Your bright and big smile
Your clear and kind mind
Your sky angel soul

From beginning to end
Kind and beautiful
With benevolent and holyness
She will embrace us”

Prior to this, Girls’ Generation fans carried out good deeds through volunteer work in light of Sooyoung’s birthday. It took place on January 27th, at the Sin-ne Sanatorium in Joongrang-gu, Seoul.

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Source: Newswire via Daum
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified, 오이사랑싴@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified

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