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Girls’ Generation Sends Message to Australian Fans

On November 12th Girls’ Generation will be traveling to Australia for the 2011 K-Pop Music Festival in Sydney.  They will join other artists such as B2ST, Miss A, MBLAQ, Kara, TVXQ, and more.  The girls left a message for Australian fans as part of a video message to advertise the concert.  Jessica and Tiffany even get to show off their English skills in the video, and they all look very excited to meet the fans down under.  Girls’ Generation’s message starts at 1:06.

Vita500 App Making Of Video

Vita500 recently released an app that features Girls’ Generation and showcases each of the girls dancing to a new original song made especially for their Vita500 endorsement.  Their behind the scenes making of video was released this week on the Vita500 website.  In the video we get to see the girls filming for their individual videos as they learn the fun choreography for the song.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t stop listening to the Vitamin Song!

“Gee” Becomes Most Viewed K-Pop Video on Youtube

This week Girls’ Generation’s iconic music video for “Gee” surpassed “Nobody” by Wonder Girls to become the most viewed K-Pop video on Youtube.  The video has reached an impressive 53 million views since its release in 2009.  “Gee” continues to see a lot of views as the girls spread their music around the world, and it has a reputation of being the first music video that people watch when discovering K-Pop.  Girls’ Generation proves once again why they are considered the leaders of Hallyu.

Highlights From Girls’ Generation Live in Taiwan

SM Entertainment shared a video showcasing highlights from Girls’ Generation’s concert in Taiwan.  The video shows the incredible amount of people that were there to greet them at the airport.  Taiwan SONEs welcomed the girls warmly and prepared many surprise events for them.  A lot of great moments are highlighted in the video, and it really shows how magical a Girls’ Generation concert is.  Singapore SONEs get ready to experience it early next year!

New Woongjin Coway Making of Video Featuring Taeyeon

A new video for Woongjin Coway featuring Taeyeon has been released.  The short video gives a peak behind the scenes of filming with Taeyeon.  She looks cute as ever with a striped headband in her hair and painting with a huge roller.

Taeyeon Ranks 3rd on Mnet’s Idol Chart Show

In a somewhat quirky top ten list this week, Taeyeon ranked 3rd on Mnet’s Idol Chart Show for idol you would like to have as a pet.  The MC’s give examples of Taeyeon’s aegyo for her high ranking.  She always claims the opposite, but it’s obvious from the many clips used that kid leader Taeyeon oozes cuteness.

Seohyun Ranks 7th on Y-Star News Top Ten

Y-Star News ranked idols for their growth, and Seohyun came in at 7th place.  Seohyun has definitely experienced explosive growth since her debut.  She has matured into a beautiful woman who is recognized for both her beauty and her intelligence.  Also, her performance ability has grown quite a bit with the experience of multiple concert tours and television appearances.  Seohyun has grown up so much already, but her potential is seemingly limitless.


Happy Birthday Hyoyeon From Kwangdong Pharmacy

As we all know, Hyoyeon celebrated her 22nd(23rd) birthday this week!  Kwangdong Pharmacy tweeted a congratulatory message with a special picture for Hyoyeon.  It reads, “Hyoyeon-ah~♥ Happy birthday!”


“Genie” Certified Platinum for Chaku-Uta Full by RIAJ

Girls’ Generation’s success in Japan is continuing even after their Arena Tour has ended.  Their Japanese debut single “Genie” has been certified platinum for full length music ring tones by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.  Since its release a year ago in September 2010, the song has been purchased as a full length mobile download over 250,000 times.  With this certification and their double platinum selling First Japan Album, the girls might as well be called Platinum Generation!

Yoona Shares a New Profile Picture for UFO Town

Yoona replied to a few UFOs this week, and along with the replies she shared a new profile picture of herself.  The picture was taken at SMTown Live in Tokyo.  She looks absolutely adorable with a bow in her hair and a bright smile.  Netizens commented, “As expected, Yoona is a goddess”, “Her neckline is really pretty”, and, “I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming drama”.

Sooyoung’s Sister Talks About Their Close Relationship

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung’s sister, actress Choi Soojin, recently delivered her thoughts on taking on a role in the musical “Winter Sonata”.  While discussing the musical, Choi Soojin also talked about her close relationship with her younger sister, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung.  She revealed, “My younger sister, who is always behind me, praying for me, is someone that is greater than any word or thing.  She has come to cheer me on for every single musical I’ve starred in, so I think she’s going to come to this one as well.  As her older sister, I want to show her my best appearance.”

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Shares a Funny Message From Sunny

Brown Eyed Girls recently released a new album, and during one of the comeback interviews Narsha shared a funny story about Sunny.  Girls’ Generation will have their own comeback in early October, so she sent Sunny a text message, “You guys should come back later!”, to which Sunny replied “Unnies should come back earlier!”  Sunny shows her wit once again with a quick comeback.  Narsha and Sunny were on the TV show “Invincible Youth” together, and it seems they have a solid friendship even after the show ended.  Thanks to @sunshine_ville for the translation.

Hyoyeon’s Birthday Message With New Picture

Hyoyeon sent a UFO Town message to fans this week thanking everyone for her many birthday wishes.  Along with her message she shared her beautiful new profile picture.  “Thank you very much for the birthday well wishes~!! During a schedule earlier today, members threw me a party so my mood right now is the best~!! 꺄르르르~ (Yahoooooo~) I’m preparing hard for the comeback, but~ I’m really looking forward to it~! ^^ keke Everyone~! Just wait a bit longer~!!”  Translation courtesy of @Yoongislove.

New Girls’ Generation Themes for Android

If you have an Android phone, this is your lucky day!  SSKIN has released new Girls’ Generation themes for their Android app this week.  There are over ten themes that feature different groupings of the girls plus individual versions.  The app converts the home screen launcher and icons.  If you want to see Girls’ Generation every time you look at your phone, check out all the different themes on the Android Market.

Comeback Teaser Picture Shared by SM Choreographer Shim Jaewon

An in interesting picture was circulating on Twitter this week, originating from SM choreographer Shim Jaewon.  In the picture we see all nine girls’ hands giving various signals in front of what could possibly be the set for their next music video.  Shim Jaewon’s tweet said, “The kids wanted me to tell you…Coming Soon..! Let’s go! Sosi! Let’s go!!”  It looks like the girls are very close to being ready for their October comeback.  Who else is getting excited?

Girls’ Generation Ranked 66th Sexiest Women by Singapore FHM

Every year Men’s magazine, FHM, ranks the 100 sexiest women in the world.  In this year’s Singapore edition of the magazine, the nine goddesses of Girls’ Generation came in at 66th place.  The ranking improved dramatically from last year, jumping up 33 spots from 99th place.  Girls’ Generation is becoming more and more well known outside of Korea, and of course it’s hard not to notice how beautiful they are.  Perhaps they only rank the group as one spot because it would be unfair to everyone else if they took up nine spots on the list.

Sooyoung Donates Her Nintendo DSi for Charity Auction

Sooyoung donated her Nintendo DSi that she personally signed to be auctioned off to help build an ALS care center.  It was auctioned off for 1,100,000 won, or roughly $1000 USD.  The ALS care center is part of an effort with former basketball coach Park Seung-il, who Girls’ Generation, especially Sooyoung, is close to.  Coach Park suffers from ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Girls’ Generation Mentioned in “The Atlantic”

Another article talking about how the hallyu wave has taken over Japan has been published, this time in the American editorial magazine “The Atlantic”.  The article, which you can read here, gives a summary of events taking place during this hallyu wave, and talks about what Girls’ Generation has done to attain success in Japan.

New Sets of Pictures

Vita500- Taeyeon, Taeyeon2JessicaSunny, Sunny2, Sunny3Tiffany, Tiffany2Hyoyeon, Hyoyeon2Yuri, Yuri2, Yuri3Sooyoung, Sooyoung2Yoona, Yoona2, Seohyun, SNSD

SPAO – JessicaYuri, Sooyoung, Sooyoung2, YoonaSNSD, SNSD2, SNSD3, SNSD4, SNSD5, SNSD6


SONE Picture/Video of the Week

Taiwan SONEs continue to show their unparalleled awesomeness this week as they celebrate Hyoyeon’s birthday.  Taiwan SONEs prepared many gifts, but one of the most unique are the custom M&M candies made just for Hyoyeon!  The M&Ms have “효”(Hyo) on one side, “Dancing Queen”, “Taiwan S♥NE”, and “Hyoyeon 09.22” on other sides.  Of the many birthday gifts Hyoyeon received I am sure this is quite a memorable one.  They even put them in special jars for her!  Incredible effort on the part of Taiwan SONEs.  Check out more pictures of the gifts here.

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