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Since being involved in a car accident on August 28th, Sooyoung has been receiving love from fans all over the world.  Many fans have been sending video messages, and one Korean fan site even made a message book filled with handwritten messages from SONE.

To reassure fans and say thank you, Sooyoung edited a video by herself and shared it online today.  The video starts with a doll of the character Woody from the movie “Toy Story” and you can hear Sooyoung’s voice in the background cutely acting with the doll saying, “Hello to everyone who loves Girls’ Generation, this is Woody. So you were worried about my friend Sooyoung?  She kinda looked sick, but after getting all the love from you guys she’s fine now.  Sooyoung asked me to send you guys a video.  So, wait why is my voice so girly now?  Now SONE, let’s watch the video!”

The emotional ballad “Complete” starts playing in the background, and pictures saying that Sooyoung is OK in various languages along with pictures of some of the messages she received are shown.  Sooyoung thanks everyone for the love she received since her accident and apologizes to fans in Taiwan for not being able to perform for them.

The video ends with a message in Korean that says “SONE…Wait for me without crying, ok? ^^ heehee” and a picture of Sooyoung holding a handwritten sign that says “SONE Makes My Life Complete”.  Sooyoung shows how much she cares about SONE and how much SONE care for her.  It is a truly special moment, as that bond is felt deeply in the video.  We all hope for a quick recovery for Sooyoung.


Original video (unsubbed)



Source:  SMTOWN YouTube
Written by: moonsoshi9@soshified.com
Translation by: kwongildong@soshified.com

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