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So what fascinating questions did you all ask this month? Let’s dive right in and find out!

Who do you think is the most improved member since their debut? Why?
– jajangmyun

We both chose Tiffany and also mentioned other members.

michaelroni-oppa says:
I would say either Yoona or Tiffany. Yoona’s progression is a bit more obvious and well-documented, as she faced criticism in the past for not being one of the stronger singers of Girls’ Generation. She never lashed out, however, and instead she took it upon herself to continuously improve her singing. Once Yoona sang the “Innisfree Day” song, it proved that she wasn’t just a one-trick pony and her vocal skills became more apparent. Tiffany’s progression is slightly more subtle, but it still merits recognition. When Girls’ Generation first started out, Taeyeon and Jessica almost exclusively got the background ad-lib vocals. But as time wore on, Tiffany started to get more of those. It began with the background vocals that she got during the second chorus in “Genie”, then it continued with ending ad-libs in “Hoot”, and then she and Taeyeon had their vocals playing off of each other near the end of “MR. TAXI”. Now, Tiffany has been cast in one of the lead roles in a musical, which is often viewed as one of the most difficult and demanding endeavors for a singer. I don’t think anyone ever really viewed Tiffany as a weak singer, but in my mind, she has still improved a great deal, and I think she still has yet to reach her ceiling as a singer.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says:
Baby Seohyun ;~;. She’s blossomed into such a fine young lady. No longer is she a cartoon-loving girl, but a mature and beautiful woman. Ah, it makes me emotional. But if you’re talking skill-wise, while they’ve all improved, probably Tiffany? Her powerful voice was always her best point as an entertainer, but when she got hit with problems like vocal nodules and a severe case of the clumsy, she just rolled with the punches and used the time to better herself. Her vocal control is so much better now, no? Makes one proud.


Do you think that SM Entertainment did a good job in handling both their Korean and Japanese activities concurrently? How do you think it should have went?
– Imperfection-x3


michaelroni-oppa says:
I think it went about as well as could be expected, given how popular the girls are in both Korea and Japan. They followed their Daesang win last year with an successful Japanese tour and a full Japanese album that sold extremely well. SM Entertainment has probably learned how to appropriately handle promoting one group in two countries better, after the BoA and DBSK crossovers in the past. The wait by Korean fans for a comeback was probably longer than they would have hoped for, but all in all I think SM did a relatively good job, and I don’t find too much fault with the way it’s gone. Let’s hope they continue learning and improving, at least for Girls’ Generation’s sake.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says:
To be honest, I’ve felt that their promotions have been somewhat lacking (lazy?), I mean, they were promoted really well during their Gee and Genie days, and even well into Oh!. But these days – and SM knows this – Girls’ Generation more or less promote themselves just by having the title of Korea’s top selling girl group. So the dual Korea-Japan promotions aren’t as strong as fans would like I guess, but they’re effective. Although I think all the touring that the girls have done is epic. Nothing like a good concert to keep fans happy (and rake in the revenue…).


How do you manage Soshified and the real world? I’m certain you all have jobs and lovers, how do you do it all? Does it ever get in the way? – Editor’s note: This is more of a personal question to us, rather than a question about the girls. It doesn’t hurt to branch out a little bit and talk about other things, so we thought we’d give it a try. But if you, our readers, prefer to only see Soshi-related questions, just let us know and this will be just a one-time thing.
– Anonymous

michaelroni-oppa says:
I do indeed have a lover, her name is Lee Soonkyu…….. Anyway, about the actual question, it’s not always easy. I have a full-time job and I also do freelance work on the side. Combine that with the responsibilities of keeping up with the busy Soshi news cycle, and I often find myself lacking free time. Recently, there was a period of about two weeks where things were incredibly busy at my job and most of our other writers were either sick or dealing with school/work responsibilities. I took it upon myself to make sure all the news stories got done, despite barely having any time during the day available. It was a difficult time, but thankfully those kinds of rough patches are rare. Most of the time, it isn’t too difficult to try and manage my Soshified writing work with my day-to-day life. If anything, I often feel as if I need to work harder for Soshified.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says:
The writers team is made up of dedicated people, like Michael-ahjussi over there, and everyone is really hard-working…except me? To be honest I probably don’t deserve to be a part of this team, because everyone is so much more involved and on the ball than I am. I feel really guilty that Michael needs to remind me to finish this column every month too. I promise I’ll work harder guys…;~; (Editor’s note: Pie’s being modest, how cute.)


In an episode of Strong Heart, Taeyeon revealed that the girls once had a 5 minute talk and during that conversation Taeyeon had decided that she should step down and SNSD should be “leaderless” – citing that 7 of the 9 girls are the same age and she has a somewhat timid personality. What are your thoughts of Taeyeon’s leadership? Strengths? Weaknesses?
– Dru Solis


michaelroni-oppa says:
Frankly, I think Girls’ Generation has reached the point where having a true leader is unnecessary, and in my opinion the Soshi Bond is such that being “leaderless” is not really a critical factor to their success. With that being said, even if she is timid, Taeyeon can still serve as a leader to Girls’ Generation. Some of the best leaders are the ones who don’t actually say much, but the ones who silently lead by example. If she works hard to help Girls’ Generation be the best group possible, then the other members will see that work ethic and follow her lead. Essentially, I think all nine girls are leaders in their own unique ways. I’ve always thought of Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Manager Hwang as strong vocal leaders within the group, and while being timid and quiet might be one of Taeyeon’s “weaknesses” as a leader, that doesn’t mean she can’t effective lead the group in other ways.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says:
Laissez-faire leadership! Look it up. Rather than saying Taeyeon “leads” the group, I feel it’s more like she provides a valuable link between all the members. She’s a timid personality, and maybe that doesn’t usually make for great leaders, but SoShi ain’t no usual case. In a group of very loud and dominant personalities, I think it’s a good thing that the one who looks out for them is the quiet one and just sets an example in her own way. Rather than lead the group out the door, she’s probably the last one out to make sure they haven’t missed anyone. Or rather than rush everyone to the beauty salon, she does her own makeup so the others have more time. Being the least loud personality-wise in the group, it’s only Taeyeon who can provide that kind of leadership to the group, no? Kid leader forever!


If you could create a drama for your favorite SNSD member, what would the plotline be, and who else would be in the cast with her?
– MadamMartha

michaelroni-oppa says:
Anyone who knows even 1% about me knows I’m a Sunshiner at heart. But when reading this question, my first idea actually involved Hyoyeon, who has been my favorite member for the past few months. It would be more of a comedic show rather than a drama, but if I would create a show around her, it would be about a crazy science experiment that trapped a child’s mind inside an adult’s body. With that plotline, Hyoyeon would have the freedom to put her Kim Choding personality on full display. I suppose eventually the show would have to turn a bit serious and show Hyoyeon’s character maturing and learning more about the real world that adults have to deal with, but the conclusion of the show would have to show Hyoyeon becoming a mature young woman who still loves to be young at heart…. you know, kind of like how Hyoyeon is in real life. I would include the other Girls’ Generation members as guests who make special cameo appearances, but beyond that, I don’t know enough idols/actors to really fill out the rest of the cast. Besides, why do you need anyone else besides Kim Choding in that show?

Basically, I want to see a show where Hyoyeon does this a lot.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says:
Jessica Jung as a war general. That is all.


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