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Rainbow’s No Eul Shares Message and Photo of Herself with Taeyeon
Posted by GK on May 14th, 2013

No Eul, member of girl group Rainbow, recently tweeted a photo of herself with Taeyeon, commenting: For the first time in really long while, I met my hometown friend, senior, and colleague, Taeng^^. After dreaming the same dream with friends when we were little, and making that dream come true like this, the way we’re […]

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The Weekly Soshi News Wrap
Posted by LetsGo on December 19th, 2011

Videos Choreography from “Run Devil Run” in a Video Game It seems the animators over at Riot Games are Girls’ Generation fans. They introduced a new character modeled after the nine-tailed fox in their incredibly popular game, “League of Legends”. The character has a dance animation that mimics the iconic “Run Devil Run” choreography. The […]

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