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Choreography from “Run Devil Run” in a Video Game

It seems the animators over at Riot Games are Girls’ Generation fans. They introduced a new character modeled after the nine-tailed fox in their incredibly popular game, “League of Legends”. The character has a dance animation that mimics the iconic “Run Devil Run” choreography. The “Run Devil Run” dance starts at 24 seconds into the video.

Girls’ Generation Makes a Cameo on Wonder Girls’ “Star Life Theatre”

Wonder Generation is back! Girls’ Generation made a short appearance on an episode of KBS2TV’s “Star Life Theatre”, which featured the Wonder Girls. Although typically considered rivals, the two groups were seen together backstage, talking with each other affectionately and holding hands. Wonder Girls’ leader Sunye revealed to the camera her copy of Girls’ Generation’s latest album, “The Boys”, while Tiffany expressed her joy of being able to promote at the same time as the Wonder Girls.

Sunny Ranked Number Five in Poll Conducted by “Pops in Seoul”

Sunny came in at number five in a poll conducted by “Pops in Seoul” called, “Best Idol Drinkers”. Just before Sunny’s segment ended, a question was asked, “So the secret to her youthful beauty was alcohol?” What do you think SONEs? Is Sunny really that good of a drinker as netizens think she is?

Video of Sunny and Taemin’s “Koala Kid” Dubbing Surfaces

OBS Entertainment News recently broadcasted a short clip of both Sunny and Taemin dubbing for “Koala Kid”. They seem to be enjoying their new roles, and in particular, Sunny, who is seen giving off a bright and energetic atmosphere to the studio.


Girls’ Generation Advertisement Campaign Increases Sales for Kwangdong Pharmacy

Kwangdong Pharmacy has reported that its sales have increased nine percent during the third-quarter of this year. In addition, stock prices for Kwangdong Pharmacy have increased 35% since September 26th, contrasting with other companies in the industry whose stock prices have been falling. Over 50% of Kwangdong Pharmacy’s  merchandise is from beverages, clearly showing that Girls’ Generation’s advertising campaign (consisting of several CFs and seemingly thousands of images featuring Girls’ Generation) for Vita500 has been successful.

KakaoTalk Releases Girls’ Generation Emoticons

KakaoTalk has released a set of winter-themed Girls’ Generation emoticons for their mobile messenger application. Be sure to use the emoticons when using the KakaoTalk application and spread the holiday spirit, Girls’ Generation style!


AKB48’s Natsuki Sato Mentions Girls’ Generation and Yoona

Natsuki Sato, a member of popular Japanese girl group AKB48, posted about Girls’ Generation on her personal Google+ account. In her status update, she wrote, “Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ is really cool… Yoona-san is so cute that I can’t sleep at night.” It seems that even Japanese idols have fallen in love with Girls’ Generation.

Jessica’s new UFOtown picture

Jessica recently changed her profile picture on UFOtown. She is seen wearing a reindeer headband, winking and giving off a fresh smile for the camera. It seems like Jessica is already into the Christmas spirit.

Girls’ Generation to be Part of “Hey! Hey! Hey!’s” Christmas Special Program

Girls’ Generation will be taking part in a Christmas Special program on “Hey! Hey! Hey!” on December 19th. They will be part of a great line-up that consists of other top stars from Japan and Korea, such as BoA, TVXQ, Kara, AKB48 and SMAP.

MBCKPOP on Twitter Mentions Girls’ Generation in the 2011 Gayo Daejun

MBCKPOP on Twitter recently tweeted, “A representative Girl group, Girl’s Generation! They will make you shout out loudly! 대표걸그룹 소녀시대, MBC 가요대제전에서 만나요!” The Korean text translates to, “Representative girl group, Girls’ Generation, let’s meet at MBC Gayo Daejun!”.

Girls’ Generation wins “Best Live Girl Group” Award on SBS MTV “Best of the Best” Poll

Girls’ Generation came out on top for a poll conducted by SBS MTV in the category, ” Best Live Girl Group”. The voting period was conducted between November 28th to December 11th with Girls’ Generation topping the poll with 33.15% of the votes.

Girls’ Generation’s Concert and Press Conference Reported on XinMsn

Girls’ Generation’s concert and press conference were reported on XinMsn’s website. The article talks about how Girls’ Generation showed off their individual charms during their solo stages and how they made fans swoon with their delectable smiles and wide grins. It also talks about which solo performance was the girls’s favorite and the process of practicing for the concert. Links to the XinMsn articles can be found here and here.

JTBC Opens Website for “Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys”

In preparation for its first airing, JTBC has opened up a website for “Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys”. The website currently lists the names of the producers and writers for the show and also contains a preview for viewers looking to catch a glimpse of what the series will feature. The first episode will air on December 18th, 2011.

Girls’ Generation to Release Official Desk and Wall Calendars for 2012

Preorders have begun for the official Girls’ Generation 2012 Desk and Wall Calendars. The calendars will be released on December 27th, just in time for the New Year. Be sure to replace your 2011 calendars with these, so that Girls’ Generation can always remind you what month it is!

Girls’ Generation Mentioned in the Holland Edition of “Metro”

Girls’ Generation was mentioned in the “2012 Hot Things To Do” in the December 13th issue of “Metro” published in Holland. With so many appearances in newspapers outside of Korea, it is clear that Girls’ Generation is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. You can check out the entire feature on the Metro website, under Metro Holland, Metro Amsterdam, and Metro Rotterdam.

Girls’ Generation to Perform with Sung Sikyung on Christmas

Girls’ Generation will perform a special stage with ballad singer Sung Sikyung on their Christmas special, “Christmas Fairy Tale”. The show will air on MBC on Christmas Day (December 25th) at 12:20AM KST.

Taeyeon’s New Selca

A new selca of Taeyeon has recently emerged, quickly attracting attention. Fans commented on Taeyeon’s cute look as she smiled for the camera in the first picture and as she blinked in the second. Isn’t she adorable?

SBS MTV Broadcasts “MTV K Presents: Girls’ Generation in New York” Interview on December 17th

SBS MTV aired a Girls’ Generation’s interview that was conducted for MTV K while the girls were in New York for SMTOWN Live in New York. In the source article, it was not clear whether or not this is a new interview or the same one that aired on MTV Iggy on October 24th.

Sooyoung Voted as “Best Dressed” in Girls’ Generation for Airport Fashion

TV Chosun’s “Entertainment in TV” recently polled several fashion bloggers for their “Cold Chart”, asking the bloggers which members of Girls’ Generation had the best and worst airport fashion. Of the members, Sooyoung was chosen as the member with the best airport fashion, while Sunny was chosen as the member with the worst. In particular, Sooyoung was noted for wearing outfits that show off her slim body.

Go Ara Reveals She Was to Debut with Three Members of Girls’ Generation

During a briefing session for the film “Papa”, Go Ara revealed that she was once going to debut in a girl group with three members of Girls’ Generation. After stating that she practiced playing guitar, singing, dancing, and took English lessons for two months, Go Ara added that she practiced dancing before her debut as well, saying, “I had group practices with three Girls’ Generation members in the past. It was only for a short period of time, but it was fun.”

Girls’ Generation Mentioned in “First Look” Magazine’s Coverage of “Mnet Asian Music Awards”

Girls’ Generation was recently mentioned in an article covering the “Mnet Asian Music Awards” on “First Look“, the website for “First Look” magazine. The article discussed the night’s red carpet event as well as Girls’ Generation’s special performance of “The Boys”. Soshified’s full coverage of the “Mnet Asian Music Awards” can be found here.

Tiffany Featured on the Ninth Annual “Letters to Angels” Campaign

Tiffany recently posed with a cute baby for Cho Sei Hon’s “Photo Exhibition of Love”. Her photos from the 9th annual “Letters to Angels”, a campaign to support domestic adoptions, will be on display at the Seoul Insight Center from December 14th to 19th. Tiffany has certainly come a long way since “Hello Baby” where she was nominated multiple times as “Worst Mom”. Now she is seen cradling a baby, and with her angelic eye-smile and caring heart, Tiffany is bound to make an excellent mother in the future. You can view the other photos from the “Letters to Angels” campaign here. A video of the news cut from ETN can be viewed here.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s Vocalist is a Fan of Girls’ Generation

A recent interview with Japanese rock band “Asian Kung-Fu Generation” has revealed that vocalist Masafumi Goto is a huge fan of Girls’ Generation. He even said things like, “I’m definitely buying the DVD of the live tour,” and “I really like their selflessness.” When asked whether he liked K-pop, he responded by saying, “Only Girls’ Generation.”

“Girls’ Generation” Among Most Searched on Google in 2011

A study of Google searches in South Korea has found that “Girls’ Generation” was the sixth most popular search during the year 2011. The same study also found that “Girls’ Generation” was the second most popular image search in Singapore. How many times have you Googled “Girls’ Generation” this year?

Soshified Philippines Mentioned in Article

Manila Bulletin, a newspaper in the Philippines, interviewed Filipino SONEs on their concert experiences in Singapore. They shared exciting accounts of seeing the girls on stage, clearly showing the beautiful bond between Girls’ Generation and SONEs. To view the full article, click here.

RAINBOW’s Woori Tweets a Picture with Sunny from “Invincible Youth 2”

RAINBOW’s Woori, a member of the “Invincible Youth 2” G8 alongside Sunny and Hyoyeon, recently tweeted a picture of herself, Sunny and other members of the cast. In the photo, Sunny can be seen making a funny expression for the camera.

Girls’ Generation Once Again Appears on British Newspaper “The Guardian”

After being featured on the October 1st edition of “The Guardian”, a newspaper published in Britain, Girls’ Generation was once again mentioned in an article in the December 16th edition. The article discusses the rise in popularity of Korean pop, powered by dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers”. You can read the full article here.

Girls’ Generation Mentioned in “The Straits Times”

Following a successful concert in Singapore on December 9th and 10th, Girls’ Generation was once again featured in “The Straits Times”, a Singaporean newspaper. In the December 15th edition of the newspaper, an article titled “K-pop is my escape” mentioned the Girls’ Generation concert, the fanevent, and even Soshified.

New Sets of Pictures

Vita500 –  Taeyeon1, Taeyeon2, Jessica1, Jessica2, Sunny1, Sunny2, Tiffany1, Tiffany2, Hyoyeon1, Hyoyeon2, Yuri1, Yuri2, Sooyoung1, Sooyoung2, Yoona1, Yoona2, Seohyun1, Seohyun2, Group1, Group2, Group3, Group4, Group5

Koala Kid – Sunny1, Sunny2, Sunny3, Sunny4, Sunny5, Sunny6, Sunny7

SMTOWN Winter – Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun

MR. TAXI SMTOWN Gallery – Taeyeon1, Taeyeon2, Jessica1, Jessica2, Sunny1, Sunny2, Tiffany1, Tiffany2, Hyoyeon1, Hyoyeon2, Yuri1, Yuri2, Sooyoung1, Sooyoung2, Yoona1, Yoona2, Seohyun1, Seohyun2, Group1, Group2

Dangerous Boys Jessica & Yuri 1, Jessica & Yuri 2, Hyoyeon & Yoona 1, Hyoyeon & Yoona 2, Taeyeon & Seohyun, Tiffany & Sooyoung, Sunny1, Sunny2, Group1, Group2

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

This video is a tribute to Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys”. It displays an array of bright, colorful lights that are timed perfectly to the beat of the song. With an astounding 25,000 lights used to sync to “The Boys”, we can only imagine the amount of time it took them to attain this type of accuracy and precision. Kudos to them for making such a wonderful video, and it’s just in time for Christmas next week!

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