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Mamonde Releases New CFs Featuring Yuri
Posted by bhost909 on April 21st, 2012

Cosmetic brand Mamonde has aired a new CF featuring Yuri, in which she is listening to advice on how to attract a man. The narrator lists methods such as wearing makeup and smiling politely, but Yuri realizes that a simpler solution to the complex problem is just to cut ten centimeters off the bottom of […]

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Girls’ Generation to Endorse Lotte Department Store
Posted by bhost909 on April 1st, 2012

Girls’ Generation has been hired as the official models for Lotte Department Store. Starting this March, Girls’ Generation will endorse Lotte Department Store for a full year. This is especially surprising considering the fact that until now, Lotte Department Store had only hired well-known female actresses, artists, or authors as models, rather than idols. Girls’ […]

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Lotte Department Store Reveals a CF Featuring Girls’ Generation
Posted by bhost909 on March 30th, 2012

A brand new CF and interview have recently been released as part of Girls’ Generation’s endorsement for Lotte Department Store. The CF features clips of Girls’ Generation performing parts of the choreography from “The Boys” while dressed in beautiful outfits, different from those in the “The Boys” music video. The members are also seen preparing […]

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Girls’ Generation’s Endorsement Contract With Vita500 Ends
Posted by cucumberoni on March 8th, 2012

Girls’ Generation’s contract with Kwangdong Pharmacy to endorse the Vita500 vitamin drink has come to an end. Over the past year, Vita500 has been a fixture among Girls’ Generation’s many endorsements and it joined Samyang Ramyun, Goobne Chicken, J.Estina, and others as memorable products and brands that have featured the girls. Vita500 became especially […]

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LG Electronics Releases 3D TV CF of Girls’ Generation
Posted by LetsGo on February 18th, 2012

On January 16th, LG Electronics stated that Girls’ Generation, along with established actor, Won Bin, would be the new spokespeople for LG’s new Cinema 3D TV. A month after the announcement, LG Electronics has released four different versions of a CF which feature Girls’ Generation along with Won Bin in them. In the CFs, cuts […]

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