Girls’ Generation has been hired as the official models for Lotte Department Store. Starting this March, Girls’ Generation will endorse Lotte Department Store for a full year. This is especially surprising considering the fact that until now, Lotte Department Store had only hired well-known female actresses, artists, or authors as models, rather than idols. Girls’ Generation is the first idol group ever asked to endorse Lotte Department Store.

Lotte Department Store explained that the company is aiming to use Girls’ Generation’s “bouncy” image, fashion sense that leads the trends, and wide range of fans. The popular retail chain has nine fashion brands in operation, with the primary consumers of these brands in their teens and twenties. Customers in this age range make up 30% of all customers in Lotte Department Store, which hopes to attract these customers by hiring Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation is also very popular with Japanese tourists and is expected to promote Lotte Department Store’s attempt to change its image to that of a “global department store”.

Sources: Yonhap, Khan
Translated by: minigiglo@sushified
Edited by: bhost909@sushified, cedge@sushified
Contributor: Litney@sushified, MoonSoshi9@sushified

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