Cosmetic brand Mamonde has aired a new CF featuring Yuri, in which she is listening to advice on how to attract a man. The narrator lists methods such as wearing makeup and smiling politely, but Yuri realizes that a simpler solution to the complex problem is just to cut ten centimeters off the bottom of her dress. The CF compares this situation to using “Total Solution”, a moisture cream from Mamonde meant to serve as a simple solution for complex skin problems.

Mamonde has also released another video from the set of a Mamonde CF filming. In the video, Yuri mentions that she is the new model for Mamonde and talks about Mamonde’s “Refreshing Cucumber Pack”, saying that the product has the same texture as homemade cucumber packs and that it’s possible to feel the cucumber and its effects on the skin. Yuri also gives several cucumber packs as gifts to the staff working with her for the CF.

Check out the two videos below.


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