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Girls’ Generation to Release 2013 Season’s Greetings Diary, Desk and Wall Calendars
Posted by bhost909 on December 12th, 2012

Girls’ Generation will be releasing its annual diary, desk, and wall calendar on December 18th, just in time for the new year. For 2013, the diary and desk and wall calendars are themed “Season’s Greetings” and feature the members of Girls’ Generation adorned in beautiful dresses. All three items are currently available for preorder. YesAsia: […]

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The Weekly Soshi News Wrap
Posted by bhost909 on December 26th, 2011

Videos Special Trailer for “Koala Kid” Released A longer teaser for “Koala Kid: Birth of a Hero” has been released.  As expected of Sunny, her voice is filled with aegyo, and the movie gives her a chance to do without having to worry about punches being thrown! Links to previous teasers can be seen here and here. Behind the […]

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