When I Look at You: A Portrait of Seohyun for Her 29th Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on June 28th, 2019

Being the youngest of a group is always a little bit of a special thing. The expectations are different: you can make more mistakes, shoulder fewer responsibilities, trip and act silly only to be scolded with a fond shake of the head. But at the same time, you’re monitored in a different way, too. How […]

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You Are My Star: A Portrait of Yoona for Her 30th Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on May 30th, 2019

In a line of work where appearance is everything, being labeled as the “face” is no small responsibility. Instead, it’s the expectations of hundreds and thousands you will never personally meet, and the stress of pulling all of that weight in addition to your own. It might even be something you feel like you don’t […]

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Give It to Me, Love: A Portrait of Sunny for Her 31st Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on May 15th, 2019

Ever since her debut, Sunny has been known as various things: the vitamin, the energy pill, the aegyo master of Girls’ Generation. And sure, labels are only labels at the end of the day, and bear no indication as to whether their claims are actually true. It’s standard practice now, to put each member of […]

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I Surrender My Heart: A Portrait of Jessica for Her 31st Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on April 18th, 2019

Follow your dreams. It’s a phrase that’s been taught to us from a young age: the concept that breathes fairy tales to life, the inspiration that pushes people through the roughest days with hopes of some brighter future. Of course, such a concept is much simpler in theory than in practice. Only a fraction of […]

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Time Lapse: A Portrait of Taeyeon for Her 31st Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on March 9th, 2019

Picture a warm summer day in 2007, air buzzing with excitement as well as the early August heat. This is the stuff that dreams are made of: the dreams of teenagers who grew up much too fast just so they could have a chance of looking back later, with the pride of walking the road […]

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Like a Flower Petal: A Portrait of Sooyoung for Her 30th Birthday
Posted by moonrise31 on February 10th, 2019

Eleven years is a long time. And as Girls’ Generation closes in on their twelfth anniversary, many fans might find themselves in an odd balance of feeling a little bit like Girls’ Generation has been around since forever ago, and a little bit like Girls’ Generation has practically disappeared since forever ago. Because as much […]

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