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In a line of work where appearance is everything, being labeled as the “face” is no small responsibility. Instead, it’s the expectations of hundreds and thousands you will never personally meet, and the stress of pulling all of that weight in addition to your own. It might even be something you feel like you don’t deserve in the first place.

But in spite of any and all of these adversities, Yoona embraced what she was given with a calmness and surety not many others are able to summon. And over the past decade or so, she has shown us the true meaning of grace under pressure. She continues to accept the added scrutiny she’s come under, and steps willingly into the spotlight even as it’s turned up a few notches. And this is what makes her shine even more brilliantly, brighter than anything we might see hovering in the heavens above.

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With nicknames like “CF Queen” and an impressive resume full of dramas and movie roles, Yoona has definitely made her face known to the world. Representing Girls’ Generation will always be first and foremost, of course; but as the years went on, and each of the members began to carve their own unique niches in the industry, Yoona could also focus on other endeavors.

She branched out from the face of the nation’s girl group to the face of an infinite number of products and brands. And people across the nation — toddling children and warmhearted grandmas alike — began to recognize her if not as an idol in the K-Pop industry, then as the charming young actress in South Korea’s latest hit drama. Not an easy feat, to say the least.

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But what really continues to draw people in is not just her charming features or her wide range of talents. It’s how Yoona faces others in a way that really shows who she is: a person who approaches anyone and anything with confident and heartfelt sincerity. Because what better face to put forward at all times than your very own?

It’s this simple philosophy that has tipped so many people into falling head over heels for what would normally just be another pretty face. Our hearts warm at how she laughs as widely as an alligator would, but without shedding a single crocodile tear; we’re encouraged by how she can still speak succinctly, thoughtfully, and even with a tinge of humor — assuring us that no matter what, some small part of her will always hold onto the fresh-faced honesty of Im Choding, who still shines brightly from within and wins over everyone she meets.

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Through all of these years and all of these developments, Yoona has always had a reputation of being strong — a delicate-looking girl who in reality answers the call for heavy lifting with ease and can eat most people under the table at any given moment. And it’s also this strength that seeps into her character and makes her someone to admire: an honest worker, a straightforward speaker, and a ray of warm sunshine on the gloomiest of days.

Happy birthday, Yoona. We hope you can celebrate as you always undoubtedly have — with good food and good friends close, and the brightest of memories to add to your ever-growing collection.

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Written by: moonrise31@soshified

Originally posted on May 30th, 2019.