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LAY’s Releases CF Featuring Yoona

LAY’S Taiwan has recently revealed an advertisement featuring Yoona. In the CF, Yoona promotes the brand’s “SPICY!” chip flavors.

billboard Publishes Article Featuring Tiffany

billboard recently released a new interview with Tiffany. The topics include her recent “LIPS ON LIPS” showcase tour and her latest experiences in songwriting.

Seo Sookyung Posts Photos on Instagram

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#소녀시대 #수영 & #스타일리스트 #서수경 패셔너블한 그녀들과 스타급 브랜드군단 총출동! 이번 시즌 절대 놓쳐선 안될 단 한번의 쇼핑이 펼쳐집니다 가슴뛰는 신상 놀라운 득템가 눈을 뗄 수 없는 핫쇼핑 찬스와 #스타애장품 소장의 기회 쇼핑이 곧 기부가 되는 뜻깊은 경험까지! 따뜻한 봄, 유쾌하고 짜릿한 #기부쇼핑 에 여러분을 초대합니다 * 수익금 일부는 #실명퇴치본부 에 기부됩니다 4월 19일(금)-4월 21일(일) 롯데백화점 잠실점 8층 대행사장 오전 10시 30분~오후 8시 30분 . . 수영 @sooyoungchoi 서수경 @soostyle83 비밍이펙트 @beamingeffect 디어달리아 @deardahlia_beauty 오프라코스메틱 @ofrakorea 블라이드(Blithe) 안티톡스 @antitox.official 베리웰컴 _verywelcome 조아아뜰리에 @jo.a_aram 하스 @hasdesign 로이로이서울 @royroy_seoul / @royroy_suhjung 루시우 @luciu_by_s 헤이든 @luv_hayden blank03 @black03_official 린팟 @linpot_soul 자코라 @jakola_korea / @jjjohee_style 아틱 (여성의류) 달캐시미어 @dalcashmere 라부틱 @labutik_ 레이제이 @rayj_fashion 블랙쇼룸 @blackshowroomkr 링 @ling_beautifulthings 원알엠 @1onerm 희제이 @heejstyle 바이소소 @bysoso_kids 소풍 @osunhyi9262 레이노 @reino_kids_boutique 큐어프로그램레그스파 @cure_program 리즈앤유 @rizzandu 로즈아일랜드 @choi_doha 라크삭스 @lacksocks #롯데백화점 #잠실점 #롯데백화점잠실점 #착한소비마켓 #쇼핑 #기부 #패션 #스타일 #뷰티 #키즈 #자선바자 #입소문컴퍼니 @lipsomoon

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Stylist Seo Sookyung recently posted two photos on her Instagram of Sooyoung and herself. One photo promotes Sooyoung’s “Beaming Effect” campaign, while the other pictures Sookyung showing off the scarf Sooyoung gifted her for her birthday.

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 4/14: Taeyeon Departs Fukuoka Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 4/14: Taeyeon Arrives at Incheon International Airport – Fantaken Photos


• 4/09: Sooyoung Attends Cadillac’s CT6 Launch Party – Fantaken Photos

• 4/10: Yuri Performs in “L’ETUDIANTE ET M. HENRI”, 13th Play – Fantaken Photos

• 4/10: Sooyoung Guests on SBS Cool FM’s “Park Won’s Kiss the Radio” – Fantaken Photos, Backstage Photos (1) (2)

• 4/11: Yuri Guests on SBS Power FM’s “Park Sunyoung’s Cine Town Radio” – Fantaken Photos

• 4/11: Yuri Performs in “L’ETUDIANTE ET M. HENRI”, 14th Play – Fantaken Photos, Backstage Photos

• 4/13: Sooyoung Attends MoaDE Stage Greeting Event – Fantaken Photos

• 4/13: Yuri Performs in “L’ETUDIANTE ET M. HENRI”, 15th and 16th Plays – Fantaken Photos, Backstage Photos

• 4/13: Taeyeon Holds “~Signal~” Concert in Fukuoka – Fantaken Photos

New Sets of Pictures

“GALORE” – Tiffany (1) (2)

“Girl Cops” – Sooyoung (1)

Hyundai Department Store Duty-Free – Yoona (1)

“INTO YURI” – Yuri (1)

LAY’S – Yoona (1) (2) (3) (4)

“Memories of a Dead End” – Sooyoung (1) (2)

SONE JAPAN – Taeyeon (1)

Tiffany’s Twitter – Tiffany (1) (2)

Tiffany Young Newsletter – Tiffany (1)

Tous Les Jours – Yoona (1) (2) (3) (4)

“VOGUE” – Jessica (1)

“VOICE” – Taeyeon (1)

Girls’ Generation on Social Media

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