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“SONE NOTE LIVE vol. 19” Features Hyoyeon

hyoyeon sone note live

The 19th edition of SONE JAPAN’s “SONE NOTE LIVE” features an interview with Hyoyeon as she bakes and decorates cookies for the holidays. The full translation can be found here, and the accompanying pictures can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Apink’s Hayoung Posts Photo of Herself with Hyoyeon

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Apink’s Hayoung recently uploaded a photo of herself and Hyoyeon onto Instagram. The two were one of the pairs featured on JTBC4’s “Secret Unnie” program this past summer.

WJSN’s Dayoung Posts Photo of Herself with Sooyoung

WJSN member Dayoung recently posted a picture on Instagram of herself with Sooyoung. The photo was taken at Sooyoung’s “Made in #ChoiSooyoung” exhibition. ECHO GLOBAL GROUP also tweeted a couple of pictures of Sooyoung posing with a “You’re my shining star” fan event banner to celebrate the exhibition.

ECHO GLOBAL GROUP Posts Sooyoung’s New Year’s Greeting

ECHO GLOBAL GROUP recently tweeted a collage of its artists’ messages for 2019. Sooyoung’s solo shot can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Sun Xiaoxiao Posts Photo of Herself with Yoona

yoona sunxiaoxiao

Sun Xiaoxiao, a Chinese actress also known as Cindy Sun, recently posted a picture on her Weibo of herself and Yoona. The accompanying caption reads, “Long time no see [heart]”. The two were co-stars together on the Chinese drama, “God of War Zhao Yun“.


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New Sets of Pictures

amuse – Jessica (1) (2)

BLANC & ECLARE – Jessica (1)

“Dae Janggeum is Watching” – Yuri (1) (2)

Gelato Factory – Taeyeon (1)

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