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SHISEIDO Reveals Two New Videos Featuring Jessica

SHISEIDO recently revealed two new videos featuring Jessica. In the clips, Jessica models the brand’s latest makeup products.

“BEAUTY+” Releases Behind-the-Scenes Footage Featuring Tiffany

On September 22nd, “BEAUTY+” released behind-the-scenes footage from Tiffany’s photoshoot. She is featured in the magazine’s October issue, which can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.


BLANC & ECLARE Releases CF Featuring Jessica

BLANC & ECLARE recently released a CF featuring Jessica for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. In the latest video, Jessica shows off her brand’s newest styles.


Taeyeon Uploads Message and Photos onto SONE JAPAN


This past week, Taeyeon uploaded a new message and photos onto SONE JAPAN. Her translated blog post reads:
“Hello SONE JAPAN! It’s Taeyeon ♡ The hot summer is gradually passing by. Everyone, how are you all doing?? Lately, I’ve been trying my best every day with overseas concerts and other various preparations! Also, I recently went to Europe! I went to Europe to see, hear, and feel new things, but the scenery was really pretty, so I wanted to share that with you all and uploaded videos and pictures I took on SNS! I want to show everyone wonderful things from now. Let’s see them together~ Ehehe ♡ Because of the time difference I’m always sleepy and tired, but this lethargy isn’t bad! SONE JAPAN, please always spend every day being positive and well! Also, I sang the insert song, ‘Rescue Me’, for the drama ‘FINAL LIFE -Even If You’re Gone Tomorrow’, and I’m very happy to have had the chance to give you all a Japanese insert song like this! Everyone, please see my lemon selfies and cheer up~
Fighting :)”.

Mad Ruk Entertainment Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Footage Featuring Yuri

yuri madruk

Mad Ruk Entertainment, a music video company, has recently posted a picture of a still from its recent music video shoot with Yuri. The account also posted a short clip from the filming, without audio.


SMT SEOUL Posts Photos of Yoona

yoona smt seoul

The Instagram account for SMT SEOUL recently uploaded two pictures of Yoona. In the photos, Yoona shows off her new haircut.

f(x)’s Krystal Posts Photo of Herself and Jessica


Krystal recently uploaded a picture of herself and Jessica onto her Instagram. The photo was taken while the two sisters were in Italy.

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 9/16: Taeyeon Departs Vancouver International Airport for South Korea – Fantaken Photos

• 9/17: Taeyeon Arrives at Incheon International Airport – Fantaken and Press Photos

• 9/17: Jessica at Penang International Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 9/20: Jessica Departs Incheon International Airport for Italy – Fantaken Photos

• 9/21: Yuri at Incheon International Airport – Fantaken Photos


• 9/20: Jessica Attends BVLGARI x Nicholas Kirkwood Party – Press Photos

• 9/22: Hyoyeon Holds Birthday Party – Photos

• 9/22: Jessica Attends “amfAR Gala Milano 2017” – Press Photos

New Sets of Pictures

banila co. – Taeyeon (1)

“Battle Trip” – Sunny, Hyoyeon (1)

BLANC & ECLARE – Jessica (1) (2)

BVLGARI – Jessica (1) (2)

Crocs – Yoona (1)

H:CONNECT – Yoona (1)

“Harper’s Bazaar” – Jessica (1)

“Kpop Sensation” – Jessica (1)

“Man Who Sets the Table” – Sooyoung (1) (2) (3)

“PERSONA” – Taeyeon (1)

SHISEIDO – Jessica (1) (2)

SK-II – Sooyoung (1)

SUM CAFE – Hyoyeon (1)

“The King in Love” – Yoona (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

“Thief, Mr. Thief” – Seohyun (1) (2)

Girls’ Generation on Social Media

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