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ABC News Features Girls’ Generation in New Video

American TV station ABC News featured Girls’ Generation this week in a video titled “Korean Pop Idols Rule Asia”. The video briefly discusses the dominance of Korean pop music throughout Asia, explaining the idol trainee process with a highlight on SM Entertainment. Cuts from the “Catch Me If You Can” music video feature at around the 2:25 mark.

OnStyle Shares Video for “Hyoyeon’s One Million Likes”

월드 스타 소녀시대(Girls’ Generation) 효연의 뷰티, 패션, 그리고 리얼 라이프 <효연의 백만라이크> 6/12 (금) 낮 12시, OnStyle(온스타일) 첫방송

Posted by OnStyle(온스타일) on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On June 9th, OnStyle’s Facebook page revealed a short video for “Hyoyeon’s One Million Likes”. The variety show premiered on June 12th. The episode is available on OnStyle’s YouTube page and in Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

Girls’ Generation Reveals #CatchGG Reaction Video

Members of Girls’ Generation recently appeared in a video promoting the #catchGG selfie and dance cover campaign. The video stars Tiffany reacting to a number of different “Catch Me If You Can” dance covers. She is afterwards joined by other members, and together they urge SONEs to upload selfies with the hashtag #catchGG.

O’live Uploads Teaser Videos for “MAPS”


This past week, O’live uploaded two teaser videos for “MAPS” on its YouTube channel. The travel program premieres June 28th at 9:40 PM KST. The clips show Yuri and Choi Kanghee preparing for their trip to Jeju Island and having to drive at 40 kilometers per hour or slower.

Mnet Posts Previews of “Heart_a_tag” Episode Eight

Mnet recently uploaded three previews for its eighth episode of “Heart_a_tag” onto its YouTube channel. The full episode is also available in Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.


LLang Releases New Video Featuring Sooyoung

LLang recetly released a new video giving a behind-the-scenes look of Sooyoung’s photoshoot for the brand. In the clip, Sooyoung is shown with various LLang beauty products.


Yuri to Guest Star on KBS Sports Show

On June 11th, Star News reported that Yuri is set to guest star on KBS sports variety program “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education”. Yuri will star in the upcoming swimming segment of the show, which features celebrity sports teams competing against non-celebrity sports teams. Yuri’s portions are set to be filmed on the 17th of June and will air in July.


O’live TV Releases Promotional Poster for “MAPS”

O’live TV recently shared a promotional poster for the new travel program “MAPS”. The show, which will feature the stars road-tripping around Jeju Island at 40 kilometers per hour, is set to be co-hosted by Yuri and radio personality Choi Kanghee. The new poster also confirms the first guest stars to be Super Junior’s Heechul and rapper Simon D.

Hyoyeon Posts New Photos on “Hyoyeon’s One Million Likes” Instagram

hyoyeon 100m likes

Hyoyeon recently uploaded many new photos, revealing her new hairstyle to fans. Check out the other photos on the Instagram account for “Hyoyeon’s One Million Likes”.

Hyoyeon Debuts New Instagram Account for “Hyoyeon’s One Million Likes”

On June 11th, Hyoyeon launched “hyo_book”, a second Instagram account dedicated to “Hyoyeon’s One Million Likes”. Even more exclusive pictures are posted onto this account.

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 6/10: Departs Incheon International Airport for Thailand – Fantaken and Press Photos

• 6/10: Arrives at Samui International Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 6/13: Departs Samui International Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 6/13: At Suvarnabhumi Airport – Fantaken Photos

• 6/14: Arrives at Incheon International Airport – Fantaken and Press Photos

New Sets of Pictures

Coupang – Sooyoung (1) (2)

“FM Date” – Sunny (1) (2)

“God of War Zhao Yun” – Yoona (1) (2) (3) (4)

“Heart_a_tag” – Tiffany (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Innisfree – Yoona (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

IPKN – Tiffany (1)

“JUMPING” – Yoona (1)

LI-NING – Jessica (1)

LLang – Sooyoung (1)

Lotte – Seohyun (1); Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun (1)

“MAPS” – Yuri (1) (2)

Mixxo – Taeyeon (1) (2); Taeyeon, Seohyun (1); Tiffany, Seohyun (1); Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun (1)

Nature Republic – Taeyeon (1)

SONE PLUS+ – Group (1)

Girls’ Generation on Social Media

JessicaWeibo and Instagram
SunnyInstagram and Twitter
HyoyeonInstagram and Weibo
YuriInstagram and Weibo
SooyoungInstagram and Weibo
SeohyunTwitter and Instagram

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

While there is an official “DIVINE” music video, it’s always nice to see fanmade video versions of our favorite Girls’ Generation songs. This SONE did a great job highlighting the emotions of this precious track with choice clips from other music videos, concert performances, the original “DIVINE” music video, and more.

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