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“High Cut” Magazine Posts Behind-the-Scenes Footage Featuring Taeyeon

“High Cut” recently uploaded a behind-the-scenes video onto its YouTube channel. The footage features clips from several of the magazine’s recent photoshoots. Taeyeon’s part can be seen in the first 12 seconds of the video.

Yuri Appears on MBC’s “Kill Me Heal Me”

On March 12th, Yuri made a short cameo on MBC’s drama, “Kill Me Heal Me”. After it was revealed, Yuri also posted a screenshot of her guest appearance on her Instagram account.

“MAKE UP FOR EVER” Reveals Videos Featuring Hyoyeon

“MAKE UP FOR EVER” recently uploaded two new videos onto its YouTube channel. The clips show Hyoyeon giving makeup tips to viewers.

Taeyeon Appears on Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream TV”

This past week, Taeyeon made an appearance on Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream TV”, a series documenting the group’s comeback process. The members of Red Velvet surprised Taeyeon with a birthday cake and impromptu celebration. Taeyeon also gave a few words of advice to her juniors, telling them to be natural, show off their individual charms, and that team chemistry is important for success. The full clip is available on Naver.

“CeCi” Magazine Uploads Video Featuring Yoona

“CeCi” magazine recently revealed a behind-the-scenes video on its YouTube channel. The clips are from the magazine’s recent photoshoot with Yoona, which will be featured in this year’s April issue.

“BRAND” Magazine Releases Interview with Tiffany

Taiwan’s “BRAND” magazine released a short interview with Tiffany during the MICHAEL KORS F/W 2015 runaway show for New York Fashion Week. She happily greeted viewers in the clip, which is also available on the magazine’s website. Shin Huang, the interviewr, also posted a shortened version on her Instagram account.


LOUIS QUATORZE Uploads New Video Featuring Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun

LOUIS QUATORZE uploaded a new video featuring Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun for its 2015 S/S campaign. The clip gives a behind-the-scenes look into the photoshoots the trio participated in for the brand.


Girls’ Generation’s Facebook Page Reveals Special LINE Sticker Quiz


On March 13th, Girls’ Generation’s Facebook page revealed a special Line sticker quiz event. Fans were asked to guess what each member’s sticker would be saying or even come up with new speech balloons that would fit the stickers.


SONE PLUS+ Staff Blog Posts Photo and Message

sone plus

The SONE PLUS+ staff blog recently updated, leaving a new message for fans:
“Preparatory meeting!!
Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+.
And just like that, we welcomed March 2015~ It’s almost spring ^^
Actually, the members have come to Japan after a long time for work, and they are very energetic and really want to meet all the fans in Japan~
Well then, recently the staff have been preparing the “SONE LIMITED PARTY”♪
During the preparations, you can’t go without the important materials of Girls’ Generation’s singles and albums!
However, it’s a tough season because of hay fever…(laughs)
We’re trying our very best so that everyone will enjoy it!
Everyone, there’s only a little more than a month left until the event!
Please look forward to it~★”.

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 3/11: Yuri at Gimpo International Airport – Fantaken and Press Photos


• 3/12: Yuri Attends K-Star Road Opening Ceremony – Fantaken and Press Photos, Backstage Photo

• 3/13: Sooyoung Attends Jimmy Choo Reopening Ceremony – Fantaken and Press Photos

• 3/14: Sunny Appears at orYANY Pop-Up Store Opening – Fantaken and Press Photos

New Sets of Pictures

BLANC & ECLARE – Jessica (1)

Casio – Tiffany (1); Hyoyeon (1); Sunny, Yuri (1)

“CeCi” Magazine – Yoona (1) (2)

“FM Date” – Sunny (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

“Gone with the Wind” – Seohyun (1)

“High Cut” Magazine – Yuri (1)

HV POLO – Yoona (1)

“Immortal Song 2” – Hyoyeon (1) (2) (3)

Innisfree – Yoona (1) (2)

IPKN – Tiffany (1) (2)

LI-NING – Jessica (1)

Lotte Department Store – Yoona (1); Taeyeon, Tiffany (1); Sooyoung, Yoona (1)

LOUIS QUATORZE – Taeyeon (1); Seohyun (1); Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun (1) (2) (3)

Mixxo – Tiffany, Seohyun (1); Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun (1) (2) (3) (4) – Yuri (1)

“Roommate” – Sunny (1) (2)

Girls’ Generation on Social Media

JessicaWeibo and Instagram
SunnyInstagram and Twitter
HyoyeonInstagram and Weibo
YuriInstagram and Weibo
SooyoungInstagram and Weibo
SeohyunTwitter and Instagram

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

Most of us, if not all, have seen at least one of those “expectation versus reality” comparisons floating around the internet. This video in particular (the first part of several) does an especially good job showing the contrast between Girls’ Generation’s professional and fun-loving sides, with a few surprises in between.

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