It seems as though Vivian has taken after aunt Jessica’s ways, rather than mom Hyoyeon’s. For a quick reminder, let’s take a look through Jessica’s Weibo.

September 5, 2013:

Jessica: Goood morning

September 10th, 2013:

Jessica: Im

Jessica: So

Jessica: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyy

October 13th, 2013:

Jessica: Im so sleeepy

October 20th, 2013:

Jessica: Gmorningsooooo sleeeeppppppyyyyyy

Jessica: What r u guys up to? Nobodys sleeeepppyyy???

March 1st, 2014:

Jessica: 난진짜..일찍 일어나는게…세상에서..제…일….시…..러 (Translation: I really hate..waking up early…the most..in…the…entire….world)

And Vivian? Well…




Oh boy.


Sources: SNSDTV, Hyoyeon’s Instagram, Jessica’s Weibo
Written by: kt9823@doggified
Contributor: SunnyStawr@doggified

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