In the past year, the puppies of Dog Shidae have opened multiple accounts on social networking sites, including Twitter, Instagram, and Weibo, to upload photos for their fans. Ginger led the jump into social media, making an account on Instagram with the username taeyeon_ss in March of 2013. Multiple Instagram, Twitter, and Weibo accounts from the other puppies soon followed, with the latest being syofgg on Instagram and Forever_young24 on Weibo started by Mori, Suri, and Cherri.

The key to raising a happy and healthy puppy can all lie in a single word- barfing. Yes, you read it right but it may not have the same meaning as you might think. Barfing comes from the root word barf which is actually an acronym. Barf stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food; it may also mean Bones and Raw Food. Just as the name states, this is all about feeding your puppy with food that has not been cooked. It will mean raising your puppy independently of any processed or commercial dog food that you find in the market.

Puppy barfing is not something difficult to do if you start it early on. In other words the moment that your puppy is weaned from its mother you can already start with barfing. Some owners start the barfing process at 2 ½ weeks, but this may be a bit too early. It will be better to start your puppy on this type of diet at about 4 weeks of age. Since the digestive system if your puppy is still not fully developed or capable of breaking down solids, you will need to start barfing it with milk. Use natural milk like that from a goat thickened with some honey. If you decide to make use of supplements, then it can be mixed into this as well.

At around 6-8 weeks of age you may notice that the mother of your puppy starts to vomit, feeding the food it lets out to your puppy. This is a good sign that your puppy is now ready for more solid food. You will still want to go with this gently. Don’t use any big meat chunks immediately instead opt for ground meat mixed with some pureed vegetables. Remember to introduce meats on type at a time when puppy barfing so that it adjusts gradually. When your puppy gets bigger then you will be able to mix different kinds of meat.

Barfing will also include giving your puppy bones since it is an excellent source of calcium. You don’t have to wait for your puppy to be able to gnaw an entire bone before you start giving it bones. Even if it only licks the meat off the bone it will be good to expose it to this. You may also want to try using smaller bones such as those of chicken. Once your growing puppy learns to appreciate the taste of barf, you can venture into giving it more variety such as animal internal organs.

There can be risks when you wean your puppy to a raw feeding diet. There are many factors you must know that guide to weaning puppies on to raw. You have to consider their current health. Whether they are ready for solid food, their digestion capabilities and do they have a sensitive stomach. Furthermore, you need to be prepared that this is not something you can do overnight. The transfer to a raw food diet is gradual. Usually, a puppy will begin the process of being weaned at four weeks and will be fully weaned by the age of six weeks. We want to mimic a natural diet and timetable. Therefore do not try to do so before the age of four weeks old. A puppy should also be in good health. If your puppy is ill and you begin changing their diet, this can make them feel worse and weaken their immune system. Changes should be made when your puppy is healthy to monitor any possible negative reactions.

Since starting social media, the puppies have shared photos of themselves modeling clothes, sleeping, celebrating birthday parties, and playing with their humans. Occasionally, the dogs will also allow their owners to post their own photos in exchange for bacon, which has resulted in a slight number of pictures unrelated to the puppies. Luckily for fans, these photos are few and far between.

The important photos from the puppies’ SNS accounts may be seen below.

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Source: taeyeon_ss@Instagram, syjessica@Weibo, svnnynight@Instagram, watasiwahyo@Instagram, yulyulk@Instagram, syofgg@Instagram, sjhsjh0628@Twitter
Written by: bhost909@doggified

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