In the past year, the puppies of Dog Shidae have opened multiple accounts on social networking sites, including Twitter, Instagram, and Weibo, to upload photos for their fans. Ginger led the jump into social media, making an account on Instagram with the username taeyeon_ss in March of 2013. Multiple Instagram, Twitter, and Weibo accounts from the other puppies soon followed, with the latest being syofgg on Instagram and Forever_young24 on Weibo started by Mori, Suri, and Cherri.

Since starting social media, the puppies have shared photos of themselves modeling clothes, sleeping, celebrating birthday parties, and playing with their humans. Occasionally, the dogs will also allow their owners to post their own photos in exchange for bacon, which has resulted in a slight number of pictures unrelated to the puppies. Luckily for fans, these photos are few and far between.

The important photos from the puppies’ SNS accounts may be seen below.

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Source: taeyeon_ss@Instagram, syjessica@Weibo, svnnynight@Instagram, watasiwahyo@Instagram, yulyulk@Instagram, syofgg@Instagram, sjhsjh0628@Twitter
Written by: bhost909@doggified

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