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Girls’ Generation Films Supportive Video for “Hero in my Heart”

On March 10th, Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook page posted a supportive video message filmed by the girls for the play, “Hero in my Heart”. The production features their fellow labelmate, Lee Dongwoo.

Taeyeon Interviews with JTBC About “Colorful”

Taeyeon recently spoke about her recent song she sang for JTBC, “Colorful“. In the video, a behind-the-scenes clip of her singing the song was revealed. On the question of what she is good at, she jokingly answered that she is not good at anything besides singing. Check out the full interview here.

Girls’ Generation Featured on Mnet’s “WIDE”

Girls’ Generation was featured on Mnet’s “WIDE” on two separate segments. The first shows one last behind-the-scenes look at Taeyeon and SHINee’s Jonghyun for S.M. the Ballad. The second clip gives a peek at Girls’ Generation’s recent spray-painting promotion and comeback preparations.

Taeyeon and SHINee’s Jonghyun Leave Video Messages for KBS


Taeyeon and SHINee’s Jonghyun recently recorded two short video messages for KBS as part of S.M. the Ballad. In the first video, they were asked about the “moment that made things worthwhile during overseas concerts”. Taeyeon answered, “When they cheer [us] on”, and Jonghyun added that the international fans would even try to sing along. In the second clip, Taeyeon says, “I hope for continuous, great broadcasts so I can gain useful information through KBS”.

Sunny Interviewed on KBS’s “News 9”

With Girls’ Generation members finally making their “Mr.Mr.” comeback, KBS’s “News 9” ran a segment documenting their return and featured Sunny for a short interview. At the 0:48 mark, on the subject of being called “the best”, Sunny says, “It is true that modifiers like ‘the best’ [are used to describe us], but I guess we will have to work on becoming a group that modifier suits. ” Head over to Soshified’s Video Downloads Section to download the clip.

Behind-the-Scenes Video from “No Breathing” Revealed Online

A behind-the-scenes video clip was recently revealed online, showing scenes and filming from the movie, “No Breathing”. Also shown are Tiffany and Sooyoung visiting the set to give their support to Yuri.

Yoona and Seohyun Featured in Dongguk University Video

Yoona and Seohyun were featured in a video for Dongguk University celebrating certain faculty, alumni, and students of the school. Yoona and Seohyun are listed at the 3:44 mark.


CASIO “Baby-G” Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Video of Girls’ Generation

CASIO “Baby-G” recently revealed a behind-the-scenes video of Girls’ Generation doing a photoshoot for the brand’s 20th anniversary. Each member made different and lovely poses in front of the camera and congratulated CASIO “Baby-G” on its 20th anniversary.

Innisfree Uploads Video of Yoona



Innisfree recently revealed a new video of Yoona to promote the brand’s “Open Innisfree” campaign. Yoona is currently this month’s celebrity participating in “Celeb Question“.


Tiffany Posts New Photos and Message on SONE PLUS+


On March 7th, Tiffany posted a new photo and message on SONE PLUS+. She talked about the girls’ recent performance at the “U-EXPRESS LIVE 2014” concert. Check out the full translated message in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

SONE JAPAN Staff Uploads Photo of Girls’ Generation and Leaves a Message


The SONE JAPAN staff blog recently uploaded a photo of Girls’ Generation holding an album full of messages for “SWEET DAY” (Translator’s note: SWEET DAY was an “event” on the SONE JAPAN website where fanclub members could leave messages to Girls’ Generation). The album was delivered during “U-EXPRESS LIVE 2014“. To read the full translated message, check out Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.


Girls’ Generation’s Twitter Tweets Photo of Hyoyeon and Seohyun at KBS’s “Music Bank”


Girls’ Generation’s Twitter tweeted a backstage photo of Hyoyeon and Seohyun at KBS’s “Music Bank“. Photos of the girls preparing for Mnet’s “M! Countdown“, which took place the day before and marked Girls’ Generation’s first comeback stage, were also posted on the group’s Facebook page. More behind-the-scenes photos can be found here.

Girls’ Generation Snaps Backstage Photo at MBC’s “Show! Music Core”


After the airing of the March 8th episode of MBC’s “Show! Music Core“, the station tweeted a backstage photo of the girls. With all the members dressed in their stage outfits except Seohyun, who was a special MC for the night, the nine ladies posed cutely for the camera.

Yoona Uploads New UFOtown Profile Picture


Yoona recently updated her UFOtown profile picture this past week. In the photo, Yoona is posing adorably in one of the many “Mr.Mr.” outfits. The photo was taken on the set of the “Mr.Mr.” MV filming.

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 3/3: Left Japan for Gimpo International Airport
• 3/3: Arrived at Gimpo International Airport – Fantaken Photos


• 3/7: Girls’ Generation at KBS’s “Guerilla Date” Filming – Fantaken Photos
• 3/7: Girls’ Generation at KBS’s “Music Bank” – Fantaken and News Photos

New Sets of Pictures

banila co. – Jessica (1)

CASIO “Baby-G” – Yoona (1)

CASIO “SHEEN” – Group (1)

“CeCi” Digital – Yoona (1) (2) (3)

DOUBLE-M – Sooyoung (1) (2)

Hair Couture – Group (1)

IPKN – Tiffany (1)

JILLSTUART – Tiffany (1)

KBS “Hello” – Taeyeon (1)

Mamonde – Yuri (1) (2) (3)

“M! Countdown” – Taeyeon (1)

“Mr.Mr.” – Group (1)

SOUP – Jessica (1)

Girls’ Generation on Social Media

SunnyInstagram and Twitter
SooyoungInstagram and Weibo
Seohyun Twitter

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

SONEs all around the world celebrated Taeyeon’s birthday on March 9th. This fan made an impressive video, compiling some of our favorite photos of Girls’ Generation’s one and only “Kid Leader”.

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