JTBC, a cable television network and broadcasting company in Korea, has revealed its new campaign song, “Colorful”, sung by Taeyeon. “Colorful” is a song meant to cheer on people who are living their lives. It will be used for the “a world that is more beautiful because it is different” campaign, also titled “Dareumdawoon” (a combination of “different” and “beautiful” in Korean).

JTBC’s YouTube channel has uploaded a video for “Colorful” with the song as the background music. Taeyeon ends the video by saying, “People that make the world worth living, dareumdawoon people”, and asks viewers to post on the JTBC homepage about “dareumdawoon” people around them. “Colorful” can also be downloaded from the JTBC website. Click on the “태연의 캠페인 SONG 다운로드” to download.


Sources: Osen, [email protected], JTBC
Written by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: ch0sshi@soshified

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