On March 7th, Girls’ Generation returned to KBS’s “Music Bank” with “Back Hug” and “Mr.Mr.”. The group sang “Back Hug” wearing colorful dresses and performed “Mr.Mr.” while once again dressed in black suits. “Mr.Mr.” was ranked third for this week’s K-Chart, while “Goodbye” was ranked sixteenth.

Girls’ Generation will continue comeback week performances tomorrow on “Show! Music Core” with “Mr.Mr.” and “Wait a Minute”. Tiffany and Yuri will be special MCs for the show, which will be a 400th episode special. Yesterday’s performances of “Mr.Mr.” and “Wait a Minute” on “M! Countdown” may be found here.

Check out Girls’ Generation’s performances of “Back Hug” and “Mr.Mr.” on tonight’s “Music Bank” below, as well as an interview of the group in a waiting room. Girls’ Generation is also briefly seen at the end of the show. Videos of the performances are also available for download in Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

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