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Following Girls’ Generation’s numerous successes on various Billboard charts this past week, the website has now released an exclusive interview with the girls. Interspersed with scenes from the “Mr.Mr.” music video, Billboard’s question-answer session with Girls’ Generation covered various topics related to the girls’ latest comeback.

During the interview, Taeyeon first talked about the title track of their fourth mini album, saying that the lyrics of “Mr.Mr.” are “full of confidence and poise”. Tiffany then described the entire mini album as “filled with diverse sounds and exciting cool songs”. Afterwards, Sooyoung briefly explained the concept of the “Mr.Mr.” music video. She also expressed the girls’ gratefulness for their win at the first YouTube Music Awards last year. As a New Year’s resolution, Sooyoung revealed plans for plenty of Girls’ Generation’s performances in 2014. The girls ended the video with a message thanking their fans from all over the world and wishing for love and support during their “Mr.Mr.” promotions.

Check out Billboard’s interview with Girls’ Generation below.

Source: Billboard
Written by: moonrise31@soshified

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