On January 11th, the “Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace” made a stop in Bangkok, Thailand. Held at the IMPACT Arena, this marked the first stop of Girls’ Generation’s world tour in 2014.

SM Entertainment uploaded a short video message from Girls’ Generation as the members said a few encouraging words in preparation for the Bangkok concert. Before the concert began, Hyoyeon posted a new photo from the rehearsal on her Instagram account to express her excitement. Yuri also took to Instagram, posting a handwritten cue card in Thai, Korean, and English. The message reads, “Let’s have a lot of fun!”

Before the concert kicked off, the nine ladies held a short press conference. Wearing the usual pink performance outfits, the members answered a few questions posed to them by the MCs. Photos from the press conference can be found by visiting Soshified’s Photos Section.

The concert kicked off with the usual opening and setlist, as the girls performed “Hoot”, “Animal”, “The Boys”, “I Got A Boy”, and many other fan favorites as the concert went on. During the first introduction, the girls greeted all the fans and even spoke a little bit of Thai.

During the concert, SONEs were able to show their love for Girls’ Generation as many fan events were prepared and executed. For “Say Yes”, SONEs did a two-part event in which fans first held up a sign saying, “LET ME TH?NK”, and then brought out different signs with “YES!” printed on them.



Taeyeon would later post two photos on her Instagram to show her appreciation for the projects, specifically the rainbow ocean, which lit up the venue during “Promise” and “Baby Baby”, and the “ALWAYS HERE” sign event, which could be seen during “Forever”.

Fans in attendance would also illuminate the stadium with the iconic pink ocean and sing “Complete” for the girls, to which Taeyeon and Tiffany exclaimed, “So good!”


In between performances, Seohyun gave fans a small preview of her upcoming musical, “Moon That Embraces the Sun“, by singing what she’s been practicing so diligently for. Of course, her unnies were there to give her the type of support fans have come to expect, holding up their microphones around her face.

It’s become a custom for fans to greet as well as send the girls off at the airport. Taeyeon uploaded a video on her Instagram account to thank the fans for the tremendous support and for coming to say farewell to the members even after the concert.

Sunny also later posted a photo of herself and Yoona on Instagram. Her caption reads, “The Thailand concert was fun #ggtour”.

Check out more photos from Girls’ Generation’s world tour stop in Bangkok by visiting Soshified’s Photos Section. Official pictures from Girls’ Generation’s Facebook page can be seen below. More video footage from the concert can also be found below. The next stop for Girls’ Generation’s world tour will be in Macau on February 15th. Fans are currently anticipating a Korean comeback and Girls’ Generation’s 3rd Japan tour is also scheduled to begin in April.

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