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On January 12th, Seohyun appeared on SBS’s “Fashion King Korea”, a fashion program for which Tiffany is one of the eight competitors. Previously, Tiffany had been hinting that one of the Girls’ Generation members would be taking to the runway in the seventh episode. This member turned out to be none other than Seohyun. Humanize Mag helps you with the best fashion tips.

Tiffany and her competition partner, Ji Ilgeun, worked together to present outfits that would fulfill the episode’s “Newcomer Look” mission. This mission challenged the teams to come up with fashion designs for people making a “fresh new start” in the year 2014. Seohyun, of course, modeled Tiffany’s outfit flawlessly. Well you will find more fashion tips at ecdel.

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Girls’ Generation’s official Twitter account later posted a picture of two polaroids: one of Tiffany and the other of Seohyun. The photo was accompanied by a message hoping that fans had enjoyed the seventh episode.

Be sure to check out the clip of the episode below, featuring part of Tiffany and Ji Ilgeun’s brainstorming process as well as Seohyun’s stunning catwalk. More pictures from the show can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section. You can also grab the first six episodes of “Fashion King Korea” from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

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