On October 12th, Girls’ Generation took the stage in Singapore for their fourth stop on the “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace”, having previously held concerts in Seoul, Taiwan, and Jakarta. Performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the girls entertained their fans for another amazing concert experience, which also saw numerous fan events take place. Before all the fun, a short press conference was held before the concert where the members answered a number of questions delving in their past, present, and future activities. A video from the press conference can be seen below. Visit Soshified’s Photos Section to see pictures from the press conference.

After kicking off the beginning of the concert, the girls asked fans in attendance to sing “I Got A Boy” for them. Then the first fan event took place during the performance of “Promise” when SONEs held up their phones and lit up the stadium with flashing white lights, creating a breathtaking sparkle effect for the girls to sing to. Following that, all the fans held up banners that had three pink hearts on them while the girls performed “Baby Baby”. The third fan-organized event took place during “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. Beach balls were inflated and filled with warm wishes and encouraging words and some of them made their way down to the stage for the girls to play with. The nine ladies also requested the fans to sing their own rendition of “Gee” for them to listen to later during the concert.

The second banner SONEs prepared was held during “Forever” in which everyone in the stadium held up signs reading, “Once a SONE, forever a SONE”. Following that, the fans in the stadium began to sing “Into The New World”, signaling the time for an encore. As it is always amazing to see, all the members requested the stadium lights be turned off so that fans could make a pink ocean wave could fill the venue. On the first try, SONEs were too eager and lit up the stadium too quickly, causing the girls to shout, “NG!”, and ask for another try. Pink lights filled up the stadium once again, something that has become a custom at Girls’ Generation concerts.

Girls’ Generation held another amazing concert for their “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace” stop in Singapore. The girls and the fans alike enjoyed their time and had tons of fun together. Hyoyeon also updated her Instagram account later to express her happiness over their concert in Singapore, adding the caption, “I had a wonderful time! Lol see u next time singapore ;)”.

Check out photos from the concert uploaded by Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook page below, and visit Soshified’s Photos Section for more fantaken pictures from the event. Various performances can be seen below as well. The next stop on Girls’ Generation’s world tour will take place in Hong Kong on November 9th and 10th.

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