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On July 20th, Girls’ Generation continued their quest to concur the world by pursuing their world tour.  The “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace” headed to Taipei, its second stop, and displayed a breathtaking performance for the fans at the Taipei Arena. The world tour started with two concerts in Seoul at the beginning of June.

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Before the performance, Girls’ Generation held a press conference to introduce themselves once again to their fans in Taiwan. For fantaken and news photos of the press conference, visit Soshified’s Photos Section. To download a short clip of the press conference, check out Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

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During both days of concerts, several fan events were revealed. At first concert, SONEs all around the arena took out banners reading, “Happy 6th Anniversary!”, as the girls sang the ballad version of “Baby Baby”. Along with that, fans in the upper level held pink and white squares, forming hearts and the first syllable of each of the girls’ names. As per the girls’ request, SONEs executed a pink wave in the midst of the concert, lighting up the stadium after the venue lights were turned off.

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Once the girls left the stage after singing “Forever”, fans shouted, “Let’s go Soshi, let’s go!”, signaling an encore. The girls made a quick change and returned on stage to perform their final songs. As the girls concluded the concert with “Twinkle” featuring all nine girls, huge balloon spheres filled with smaller balloons were released and passed around in the audience. Eventually, some balloons ended up on stage, where the girls were able to kick them back to the audience, and vice versa.

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But the surprises did not end with the first concert, as SONEs unveiled different fan events for the second performance on July 21st.  This time, the eager fans made two different banners, which were pulled out during various points of the concert. The first banner read, “Because of Soshi, we are happy”. The second banner, on the other hand, was dedicated to Tiffany’s birthday. It read, “8/1 Happy Birthday” in the middle, with “♥TIFFANY♥” and “Today is MY day!” on the top and bottom, respectively.  The attendees of the concert also performed another pink wave for the girls.

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Another special event prepared by SONEs in attendance was the releasing of huge pink ribbons from the upper levels of the arena, decorating the arena in pink. The girls had fun with the ribbons, wrapping them around the birthday girl, Tiffany. In addition, the audience sang an acapella version of “Into The New World” a number of times to get the girls to perform an encore.

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Even though the concert was finished, SONEs stood outside the hotel where the girls were staying, awaiting Tiffany. As soon as she arrived, fans gave her a birthday cake and sang to her. She happily thanked Taiwanese SONEs for all their work and effort, as well as for coming to the concert.

Girls’ Generation enjoyed another successful stop on their world tour, laughing, crying, and having a blast performing in front of the 22,000 SONEs in attendance who organized so many special events for the girls. If you’d like to download fancams from the concerts, visit Soshified’s Video Downloads Section by clicking herehere, and here. For fantaken photos taken during the first and second days, visit Soshified’s Photos Section. Photos of the girls’ arrival and departure from the airport and hotel can also be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

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