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In December of 2012, Tiffany was appointed as an honorary ambassador for Global Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mentoring and a better education for impoverished youths around the world. Global Hope stated that Tiffany was chosen as an honorary ambassador because of her “warm heart” towards poor and neglected children.

Recently, it was revealed that as soon as Tiffany was named honorary ambassador for Global Hope, the number of supporters for the organization increased over tenfold and calls to the program flooded in saying, “I want to take part in sharing like Tiffany.” Global Hope received hundreds of “likes” on articles and photos of Tiffany posted on Global Hope’s official Facebook page, compared to the usual average of about 15 a day. There was also a hot response from fans in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. With an increase in support and comments left by foreign fans on Twitter, it was decided to begin adding Global Hope’s news not just in Korean, but also in English.

With her bright smile, dedication, and caring personality, Tiffany continues to fulfill her role as an honorary ambassador for Global Hope as well as inspiring others to support the organization and its mission. For more information about Global Hope, make sure to also visit their official website and Twitter.

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