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On June 6th, Hyoyeon will be attending a store opening in Hong Kong as part of her new position as the Asian ambassador for Topshop. She was also recently interviewed by “EastTouch” magazine, discussing her new endorsement deal, fashion preferences, and general impressions of Hong Kong.

Q1: What are your thoughts on being the Topshop ambassador this year?
A: South Korea doesn’t have Topshop, and I’m a supporter of Topshop. Recently, I can only buy things from Topshop when we go to Japan for our concerts and have some free time to ourselves, which is why I am really happy to have become an ambassador of Topshop. Moreover, after seeing the new collection, I want all the items.

Q2: What’s your favorite style of Topshop clothing?
A: I like anything that is pretty.

Q3: Topshop often does ‘crossovers’ (translator’s note: referring to collaborations) with other brands. Which brand would you most like to do a crossover with?
A: Our Girls’ Generation has nine members, each with their own distinctive fashion style. If Topshop could do one different style for each of us as a collaboration plan, I would look forward to that.

Q4: If you were to design clothes with Topshop, how would you do it?
A: I like clothes that are “bling bling”, so the very glamorous “party look” will definitely be my first choice of design.

Q5: What’s your favorite style of clothing?
A: Even though I like the glamorous stage look, I like clothes which have detail and are feminine for my outfits on normal days. Even if they are tight-fitting, I love wearing them as long as they look comfortable.

Q6: What individual activities have you been busy with recently?
A: Before this collaboration with Topshop, we just finished our concerts in Japan. So after coming to Hong Kong, I have to go back to South Korea to prepare for our Asia Tour, and of course we’ll be stopping over in Hong Kong for our concert.

Q7: What feelings does Hong Kong give you?
A: Actually I’ve been to Hong Kong a lot of times. This is already my third time within this year. Hong Kong is really a great place for shopping. I only have to go to one shopping mall and I can already buy all the brands I want. And all your building designs are really unique!

Q8: Have you eaten any Hong Kong delicacies that are hard to forget?
A: Actually this place really has too many good foods, it’s just a pity that I don’t have enough time to try them all. However, I really enjoy the dimsum and the roasted meats.

Topshop also released a behind-the-scenes video, shown below, from its photoshoot with Hyoyeon and other models. In her short interview clip, Hyoyeon talks about what she likes about Topshop’s fashion and its ability to appeal to any age group.

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