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Hyoyeon was recently chosen as the newest Asian ambassador for the Hong Kong branch of Topshop, a popular women’s fashion brand. The news was revealed on both the company’s official Facebook page and Instagram account. Topshop released various new pictures of Hyoyeon modeling its clothing while also revealing specifically in one caption, “Check it. Kim Hyoyeon looking sleek as an Asian ambassador for our opening June 6th!”

To go along with the new pictures, two short interviews with Hyoyeon were also released by Apple Daily, a Hong Kong publication.

Apple Daily: Why did you decide to work together today?
Hyoyeon: It’s probably because of my fickle and lively image. I can be sexy, cool, luxurious, boyish and simple, which is similar to the styles Topshop has.

Apple Daily: What products have you bought from Topshop?
Hyoyeon: Every time I go to Japan I’ll purposely go to Topshop Tokyo to shop. I like buying jewelery the most, especially large pieces that are almost on the verge of funky.

Apple Daily: How are Korean girls better in their dressing?
Hyoyeon: They seldom wear sexy clothes, and all love carrying big handbags as well as wearing scarves. The whole appearance is mostly simple.

Apple Daily: Do you like Hong Kong guys?
Hyoyeon: Haha, I still haven’t come across many. However, Hong Kong guys are more fashionable. For example, some Korean guys dress in a more feminine style, whereas Hong Kong guys know how to dress well. They have a bit more fashion sense.

Hyoyeon also took part in another short interview to introduce herself as the new ambassador for Topshop. She first greeted viewers in Chinese and then went on to say, in Korean, “Whether because of our concept or activities, I went to Topshop in Japan a lot. Whenever I go, I like the jackets a lot and what I especially buy a lot are accessories, since I really like fancy accessories. I like such accessories a lot, and for makeup, I buy a lot of gel-liner. What else is there…so whenever I have the time I always make sure to stop by at Topshop and buy pretty clothes.”

Check out Hyoyeon’s short interview below along with her new pictures for Topshop.


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