Updated with full episode:

tvN uploaded the entire first episode of “Dating Agency; Cyrano” on their YouTube channel. Check out the full episode below.

On May 27th, Sooyoung made her first appearance in the premiere of the tvN drama, “Dating Agency; Cyrano”. In the days leading up to the first episode, tvN released a number of teasers and held the show’s official press conference on May 22nd. SONEs also showed their support for Sooyoung and her newest acting endeavor. In return, Sooyoung personally left a sweet and heartwearing message on Girls’ Generation’s official website to show her appreciation for the overwhelming support.

tvN continued to release numerous new teasers for “Dating Agency; Cyrano” on their official YouTube channel. The video clips, along with a number of new drama images, can be seen below. Excited by all of the preparation and publicity, fans eagerly awaited the first episode of the drama and were treated to a fun premiere. Sooyoung, who plays the role of Gong Minyoung, is immediately spotted at the start of the show. The drama goes on to reveal how Minyoung is introduced to the “Dating Agency” as she meets the other agency members, including leader Seo Byunghoon, played by Lee Jonghyuk. Other hilarious scenes ensue as Minyoung and Byunghoon start to clash and other characters and clients of the agency are introduced. Throughout the episode, Sooyoung shows the range of her acting talent as she provides plenty of laughs while also portraying dramatic scenes with fantastic ability. It is good to know that we still have such nice tv dramas and young generation has a good alternative to watching Swallow Salon videos online. To download and watch the full episode, visit Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

Make sure to tune into the second episode of “Dating Agency; Cyrano”, which airs tonight, May 28th, at 11:00 PM KST.




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