Gong Minyoung is pretty

Choi Sooyoung’s fanclub members presented a food truck and snacks for the staff and actors putting their all into the filming of tvN’s “Dating Agency; Cyrano”, despite the hot weather.

For Choi Sooyoung, who is in charge of the emotion-filled romanticist, Gong Minyoung, in the new tvN Monday/Tuesday drama, “Dating Agency; Cyrano”, scheduled to air on this coming 27th, fans blew energy into the set with a food truck that would feed 100 people, as well as refreshing coffee.

The staff, who were continuing filming late into dawn in Namyang-ju, had a sweet rest after showing a passionate response to the coffee truck prepared by Choi Sooyoung’s fans [translator’s note: the banner reads “Have a coffee with Sooyoung!!” using the word “Cyrano” as a pun]. A food truck, prepared for another day, delivered laughs with the witty banner reading, “Gong Minyoung is buying! Eat the food tastily.” [translator’s note: “Cyrano” was used again as a pun]

A source on set stated, “Thanks to the seolleongtang [translator’s note: a type of soup] and coffee prepared by the fans with sincerity, the staff, along with the stars, enjoyed a relaxing meal as well as tea time.”

Choi Sooyoung gave autographs to fans who personally came to the filming location, took photos with them, and sent her thanks. Until she had to go back to filming, she greeted them several times saying, “Thank you so so much for personally coming to the set,” maintaining a heart-warming atmosphere.

The first episode of “Dating Agency; Cyrano” will air on May 27th at 11:00PM KST on tvN.

Source: MBN Star via Naver
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified

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