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SK Telecom Releases Two New CFs Featuring Yoona and Seohyun

SK Telecom recently revealed two new CFs starring Yoona and Seohyun. The first commercial features Yoona, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and f(x)’s Sulli. In the short clip, Yoona explains the data benefits of being an SK Telecom LTE subscriber. The second clip shows Seohyun explaining the specials available for couples who sign up with the mobile service provider.

Girls’ Generation Leaves Congratulatory Message for Yakult Korea’s 44th Anniversary

Girls’ Generation recently filmed a congratulatory message for Yakult Korea’s 44th anniversary. On May 22nd, Girls’ Generation also performed at a celebratory event for Yakult’s anniversary at the Cheonan Evergreen Resort.

“Elle Korea” Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Clip Featuring Tiffany

“Elle Korea” revealed a behind-the-scenes clip from Tiffany’s feature in the magazine’s June edition. The video provides both a glimpse into her photoshoot as well as a short interview with Tiffany herself. She answered various questions about her personal preferences on a number of different topics. For nail art, Tiffany recommended “pinstripe”, and as for a fashion item she likes the most, Tiffany answered, “I like to wear the baseball jackets with see-through arms.” Tiffany also revealed that stretching while watching TV or before bed was a great exercise to maintain body flexibility, adding that her “energy pills” include music, shopping, and ice cream. She ended the interview with a cute message, saying, “Readers, I’m happy to be able to participate in the ‘beauty icon’ section of ‘Elle Korea’. Please give Girls’ Generation much love in the future. Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation!” The official video can be found on the “Elle Korea” website.


DOUBLE-M Reveals New Photo Featuring Sooyoung


The official Facebook page for DOUBLE-M recently updated its cover photo. The newest picture shows Sooyoung’s stunning beauty as her white outfit contrasts with the orange bag from DOUBLE-M.

Lotte Department Store Releases New Advertisement Featuring Taeyeon and Tiffany


Taeyeon and Tiffany were featured in an advertisement for Lotte Department Store’s “3-Day Weekend Summer Fashion Festival”. In the picture, the smiling girls are both sporting sunglasses and dressed in feminine, refreshing summer clothing.


Seohyun Leaves Video Message for Ock Joohyun

Seohyun recently left a short video message for Ock Joohyun. The clip, in celebration of Fin.K.L.’s fifteenth anniversary, shows Seohyun cutely dancing and showing her affection for her unnie.

Gong Hyojin Expresses Her Affection for Yoona

In an interview with the publication “@star1”, actress Gong Hyojin revealed, “I’m acquainted with Yoona. I recognize her not as an idol, but a junior actress.” Gong identified fellow actress Son Yejin as the one who introduced her to Yoona, who is “a very cute junior.”

Tiffany’s Feature in “1st Look” Magazine Available for Mobile Phones

Tiffany’s feature in “1st Look” magazine is now available for mobile phones. The free application can be downloaded for Android or for iOS.


Shim Jaewon Posts Photo of Sunny and Hyoyeon on Facebook


Shim Jaewon recently posted a photo of himself at the “2013 World DJ Festival” with Sunny and Hyoyeon on his official Facebook page. His caption reads, “World DJ Festival 2013. Our lovable little girls surprised us and came to support me! I was really surprised, super touched, sista! Thank you so so much~~.”

“Elle Korea” Magazine Tweets New Photo of Tiffany

130519 elle korea tiff preview

“Elle Korea” tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo from Tiffany’s feature in the magazine’s June issue. A full translation of her interview for the magazine can be read here.

Photo of Sunny Revealed on Instagram

130520 sunny on roykong@instagram

Recently, Instagram user roykong posted a photo of himself and Sunny. He happily took the picture with Sunny as she posed cutely for the camera.

miss A’s Min Posts Photo of Herself, Sunny, and Hyoyeon on Instagram


miss A’s Min recently uploaded a photo of herself, Sunny, and Hyoyeon to her Instagram account. The photo, taken on May 17th at the “2013 World DJ Festival” in Seoul, shows the trio dressed casually and having fun together.

Seohyun Poses with a Puppy in Cute New Selca


With an adorable white puppy cradled in her arms, Seohyun posed for a photo taken backstage at the “I Love You Republic of Korea 2013 Dream Concert” and posted it on Girls’ Generation’s official website. Along with the photo, she wrote a message that reads, “One photo with a cute dog in the waiting room at Dream Concert~! Everyone~~ There isn’t much time left until Girls Generation’s solo concert!! I want to hurry and see you allㅜㅜ You all feel the same way, right?? Please anticipate the concert lots~ㅎ And have a happy day today~^^”.

Taeyeon Introduces Ginger on SONE PLUS+


On the official Japanese fansite SONE PLUS+, Taeyeon shared a selca of Ginger and herself with the message, “Today I’ll introduce my new family member ‘Ginger’ ♪ He’s a black poodle! He is all black so it’s hard to see his face in the picture… (>_< ) He’s still a puppy, so it’s difficult to take a picture because he moves! I have to teach him many things from now on… (laughs)”.

Sooyoung Appears on Girls’ Generation’s Official Facebook Page

130523 sooyoung gg facebook

A cute photo of Sooyoung was recently revealed on Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook page. The picture was taken at the press conference for “Dating Agency; Cyrano”.

Girls’ Generation on Instagram

TaeyeonNew Photos

HyoyeonNew Photos


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New Sets of Pictures

DOUBLE-M Sooyoung1, Sooyoung2, Sooyoung3, Sooyoung4, Sooyoung5, Sooyoung6, Sooyoung7, Sooyoung8, Sooyoung9

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SK Telecom LTE Yoona, Seohyun

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

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• 5/25 – Yoona Arrived at Gimpo Airport

• 5/26: Left Incheon International Airport for Taiwan – Fantaken and News Photos

• 5/26: Arrived in Taiwan – Fantaken Photos

SONE Picture/Video of the Week


Nearly 40 gorgeous SONEs from the South American nation of Peru took this group picture at a fan event, showing the reach of Girls’ Generation’s allure. Many are seen wearing the iconic white and red hoodies from Girls’ Generation’s self-titled music video from 2007, holding signs proclaiming, “소녀시대 in Peru”. Thank you to RichardoJHP for sharing the Peruvian love with the rest of the world.

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