When I said I would be doing a photoshoot with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, the responses from people around me were all the same. “She has a really good personality and is really relaxed.” “She has a lot of aegyo and is pleasant.” There were nothing but compliments, but I don’t know. Without opposing opinions, she’s a K-Pop star who is at the top and even completed her world tour (translator’s note: they are likely referring to the Japan arena tour) recently, so wouldn’t she be haggard and coy? My worries were perfectly unfound. Then again, before the shoot, when I called and asked her manager, “What should we prepare for snacks at the set? Does she like salads or fruits?”, they replied, “Haha. She probably won’t eat that. What she wants to eat changes each time. She will probably say she’ll eat a meal, so don’t worry about it.” When I got that response, I was relieved.

▶Q: How are you so bright and optimistic? Even when viewing you as a fellow woman, you’re so lovable.
-I really live off the power of food. I get sensitive when I’m hungry. You saw me earlier, right (in the middle of the shoot, she fully ordered and ate donkatsu, omurice, and California rolls)? Not too long ago, Hyunjin Ryu, who I met in LA, was even surprised when he saw me eat. He said I ate like a [baseball] player.

▶Q: What happened with the ‘Girls’ Generation menu’ that wandered around the internet?
-That’s nonsense! We sometimes do concerts that run for 3 and a half hours, and it’s just not possible with that diet. Also, the choreography for ‘I Got A Boy’ is really powerful. Strength is an essential. Our managers get surprised. They say our food expenses are more than Super Junior’s.

▶Q: Still, when compared to your debut, all the members, on average, have become slimmer.
-Yes, I really dieted when we were 20. After 6 PM was a bit difficult, but you lose weight by not eating anything after 8 PM as well. I didn’t eat snacks and drank 1,500 mL of water every day. Losing my baby fat helped too.


▶Q: Do you exercise too?
-I don’t like to. I exercise the least. Haha!

▶Q: There were a lot of outfits that show your stomach.
-At times like that, I don’t eat donkatsu and only have rice.

▶Q: You seem like a girl who has lots of interest in ‘pretty things’. From your makeup to your nails, you’re always bling-bling.
-You’re right. I have a lot of interest in beauty care. A separate dermatology, separate massages that liven up your facial line, a separate body massage… I go to offices equally. Because good places are all different. I consistently make an effort.


▶Q: Oh, you know your stuff. When you go overseas, you want to hurry back to Korea and receive treatment, right?
-You can understand because you’re also a girl, right? My managers are really exhausted because of it. Haha.

▶Q: You must be skilled at home care too.
-Of course. Sometimes when we’re too tired, there are members who just pass out and sleep. No matter what, I always cleanly cleanse and apply 4~5 kinds of skincare products. When it comes to hair, I’m the type to change it constantly, so I have to care for it well. Recently, Yoona touched my hair and was amazed, saying, ‘How is your hair this healthy when you perm and dye it so often?’

▶Q: I’m curious as to how Girls’ Generation’s vanities and bathrooms in your dorm look.
-The other members share bathrooms, while I use one alone. Still, my bathroom and vanity are completely crowded. To the point where I separate body products that are good moisturizers and ones with nice scents on different racks.


▶When you entered the studio earlier, a fresh smell spread.
-I mixed and sprayed Chanel ‘Chance eau Tendre’ and L’Occitane ‘Rose’ perfume today.

▶Q: Do you do your own makeup as well?
-While on our Japan tour, because the work fell short from Korean staff, we had no choice. Taeyeon and Jessica’s makeup skills are excellent. Let’s just leave it at me usually applying Shu Uemura BB cream, using an eyelash curler, and applying YSL lip tint. When I went on a business trip to the United States recently, I went into Sephora and frantically tested out YSL tints in particular. The colors were a lot more diverse than in Korea.

▶Q: Oh, now that you mention it, it must be difficult shopping in Korea.
-How come, I do it all! After getting my makeup done, if there is something I like, I immediately go to the mall and purchase it myself. But because we go to the airport so often, I end up buying it at the duty-free store a lot.

▶Q: When doing makeup, what is something you ‘must’ use?
-Fix mascara. I have a lot of eyelashes and they’re strong, making it difficult to use a curler, so I make sure to take it when I go overseas.


▶Q: This is something I’ve always been curious about. The competition for airport fashion is intense these days. Fashion is fashion, but it looks like you always have full makeup on. What do you do when you’re on the plane for a long period of time?
-It’s different depending on the person, but, even if it’s troublesome, I make sure to clean my makeup in the lounge before boarding the plane. Also, when they give out warm towels in the cabin, I ask for a couple, place them on my face, and sleep. And I frequently spray AmorePacific ‘Mist’.

▶Q: From cute to sexy, you’ve tried all kinds of styles. What style did you feel was most like you?
-I like me right now the most. I prefer a lady rather than a girl. Red lips aren’t awkward anymore either. Not too long ago, I watched Lee Hyori (unnie’s) new music video over twenty times. While watching it, I was really anticipating when I enter my 30’s. I think it’s a charming age where you have mature beauty and can freely enjoy things you love.

▶Q: Then aging ‘well’ must be important. I think you’d age prettily. I think how you smile well, are bright, and are optimistic are all bound to show in your face eventually.
-Recently, our makeup vice president said, ‘Our Fany’s heart is pretty, so her face is also pretty.’ Of course, I do receive treatment well and invest a lot into it, but I think my positive mind towards everything shows externally. This process of slowly becoming a woman is fun.

Sources: Elle Magazine, [email protected]
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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